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Venue Spotlights


Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.20pm
Social dancing 8.20pm to 8.50pm
Intermediate class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Beginner Progression class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Social dancing 9.40pm to 10.30pm
Drinks and more dancing to the band downstairs until 11.30pm!


The Canada Bay Club is a fabulous venue full of friendly people as soon as you walk through their door.  Say hi to the friendly staff on the club reception before coming upstairs to be greeted by one of our Ceroc door staff Karen, Joe or Luisa.

Julie G is your regular beginner teacher there, ably assisted by intermediate teachers Adam and Louie.  Beginners have their own separate room for their second beginner class with either Carmina, Lidia, Luisa, Joe, or sometimes Julie G.
It's a great vibe at Canada Bay and most people tend to stay on after class to continue dancing downstairs to the sounds of Tom and Vicki.  There’s usually a bit of Mambo Number Five action too – come along and find out what that’s all about!

Canada Bay has plenty of on site parking, two great restaurants, and the best air conditioning in town!



Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.20pm
Social dancing 8.20pm to 8.50pm
Intermediate* class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Beginner Progression class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Social dancing 9.40pm to 10.30pm
After class drinks upstairs in the bar til closing time at 11pm!


With one of the best sound and lighting systems across all our venues, Concord is always buzzing with atmosphere, both on our regular Wednesday nights and on our Saturday night dance parties throughout the year

Concord RSL also has a fabulous air conditioning system, a great bistro upstairs, and plenty of on site parking. 

Format of the night is our beginner class, usually with Julie G, followed by the beginner progression and intermediate classes. 

Eva, Karen and Kim are our friendly faces on the door of Concord, and your regular teacher is Julie G, with the occasional visit from Kate and Louie.  Beginner progression teachers include Joe, Lidia, Luisa, Patryck and Scott.

*Intermediate/Advanced class replaces the intermediate class occasionally as advertised

Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.25pm
Social dancing 8.25pm to 8.50pm

Intermediate class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Beginner Progression class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Social dancing 9.40pm to 10.30pm

  Join Clayton and Janine and the southside crew as they welcome you to the fabulous Tradies club in Gymea every Tuesday night.  

Your friendly faces of Ceroc on the door each week are either Lynda, Christine or Deb, and Clayton and Janine teach most of the beginner and intermediate classes ably assisted by a team of demonstrators including Tony, Pablo, David, Carmina and Lynda.  Carmina and Darlene look after the beginners in the Beginner Progression class, assisted by Brett.  They're a very friendly bunch - always socialising after class in the late night coffee shop at the club - get on down to Gymea and see what it's all about!


Beginner* class 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Social dancing 7.30pm to 9.30pm
*Intromediate class replaces beginner class on the last Sunday of the month
Entry only $15 for the whole night, or $12 for freestyle only (after 7.30pm)


On a Sunday night at Rosehill Bowling Club you’ll be greeted by the friendly face of Ceroc Venue Manager John.

Rosehill has a different format to our other classes, allowing you some extra basic learning time in a one hour beginner class starting at 6.30pm, and then almost two hours of social dance time every week until 9.30pm.

Watch out for the last Sunday of the month though – it’s IntroMediate night!  That means the beginners are given the extra challenge of a class at a level between Beginner and Intermediate.  So, probably not the best week to come along for your first time, but perfect if you’ve got a few beginner classes under your belt, and are looking to take that gradual step up to the next level.

There’s plenty of onsite parking at Rosehill, plus a quiet and pleasant bar area, and a buffet restaurant open on Sunday nights until 9pm.

Regular beginner and intromediate teachers at Rosehill include Jan, Julie G, Louie, Roz and Scott.


Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.20pm
Social dancing 8.20pm to 8.50pm
Intermediate class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Beginner Progression class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Social dancing 9.40pm to 10.30pm
Coffee and cake upstairs afterwards!

Wenty Leagues on a Monday night is the place to be if you’re in the west!  Say hi to our Ceroc door staff Lynda and Jenny as you walk into the plush Starlight Room (check out the fancy bathrooms!), and be welcomed into the friendly and social venue created by resident teacher Julie Turner.

Julie T is your weekly beginner and intermediate teacher there and Beginner Progression classes are held with Carmina, Josh, Louis, Roz or Scott in a separate room with another great dance floor.

Don’t plan on leaving Wenty before trying out the coffee and cake upstairs in the café afterwards!  We have such a great turn out there on a Monday night that the club even reserve tables just for us! 

There’s plenty of parking on site, plus fabulous restaurant and bar facilities.

Please note you will need photo ID or a Wenty Leagues membership to enter the club.  Leagues club dress code applies. 


Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.20pm
Social dancing 8.20pm to 8.50pm
Intermediate class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Beginner Progression class 8.50pm to 9.40pm
Social dancing 9.40pm to 10.30pm

  At Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club we're tucked away in the fabulous auditorium upstairs which boasts a great dance floor that gets filled with atmosphere every Tuesday night!

A few metres from West Ryde train station, and a short walk from bus stops on Victoria Road, Ryde Eastwood Leagues is easy to get to, has great aircon, and lots of parking.

Our Ryde Eastwood class offers the personal touch with our regular teachers Amanda, Anne, Anthony, Julie G, Louie, Roz and Steve often rotating amongst all students in the class to give feedback and help you with your techniques.
Beginners will be welcomed for their second class of the night by the friendly teaching faces of Anne, Amanda, Joe, Gabriella, Luisa and Wayne, giving lots of personal tuition and helpful advice.


Beginner class 7.30pm to 8.20pm
Social dancing 8.20pm to 8.45pm
Intermediate/Advanced* class 8.45pm to 9.30pm
Beginner Progression class 8.45pm to 9.45pm
Extended social dancing time from 9.30pm to 11pm!
*Intermediate class replaces the intermediate/advanced class on the first Thursday of the month


Our Willoughby class has been going since 2002 and it's become our premier advanced venue, with I/A classes running there every Thursday apart from the first Thursday of the month where it’s the easier intermediate class.  Beginners of course still get their two classes, so it’s still a great beginner and first timer venue – in fact even better because all the great dancers are there for you to practise with and be inspired by!!

Nicky is your regular teaching face at Willoughby, assisted by Adam, Amanda, Anthony, Dani, Kate, Patryck and Robert for beginner, intermediate and I/A classes, plus Amanda, Dani, Darlene, Gabriella, and Kate for Beginner Progression classes.


At our Willoughby venue you can really improve your dancing by participating in our I/A Card system.  Every dancer who has progressed beyond intermediate level may request, or will be offered, the opportunity for an appraisal from any of our I/A teachers. 

Each I/A class is divided into I/A and intermediate level dancers and the I/A Card system allows you to really find out where you are at with your dance level, as each appraisal is conducted according to a set criteria.  Once you have your I/A Card, you are entitled to join in the class rotation with other dancers at I/A level and above.

Of course there is also no pressure to get an I/A Card.  As long as you have participated in AT LEAST 8 weeks of beginner classes and are a competent freestyle dancer you can join in the intermediate rotational lines in the I/A class and take on the challenge of the more difficult class.

Willoughby is also the only venue to offer a full one and a half hour of social dancing AFTER the second class until 11 pm.  For those wanting just a lengthy dose of quality social dancing to end their week, you can enter the venue for only $8 after 9.30pm for social dancing only.

Club Willoughby offers fabulous Club facilities such as car parking, air conditioning, great sound and lighting systems, a separate room for beginner progression classes, a sumptuous bistro (10% discount on presentation of your CMJ Member Reward Card!), challenging classes each week and extended social and freestyle time.

What’s Happening
in July and August?

 For full details plus a list of our major events in the next 12 months, see our Events Page

Saturday 26th July
Marrickville Dance Party
Friday 1st August
Kirrawee Dance Party
Saturday 2nd August
Hitting The Hits

Advanced Concepts
Saturday 2nd August
Willoughby Dance Party
Saturday 9th August
Petersham Town Hall MEGA Dance Party
Friday 15th August
West Coast Swing Party @ Willoughby
Saturday 16th August
Intro To Ceroc
Secret Women's Business
Saturday 16th August
Concord Dance Party
Saturday 23rd August
Ashfield Dance Party
Friday 29th August
Julie T's 'Just Dance' Party @ Rosehill
Saturday 30th August
West Ryde Dance Party

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