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Major Events - Diary Dates

Ceroc Ball - Saturday 8th November 2014     Summer Mega Dance Party - Saturday 6th December 2014
Eden Gardens - 31st January 2015     DanceMania Hunter Valley - 17th to 19th April 2015
Championships - 5th to 8th June 2015     Winter Mega Dance Party - Saturday 8th August 2015

NSW Ceroc Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Championships

Friday 5th to Monday 8th June 2015

With around 250 competitors across two days of competitions, the annual championships is one of the entertainment highlights of our year! 

Whether you're a competitor or a spectator, this amazing spectacular of dance talent is sure to inspire you all weekend long!  With amazing dancing and choreography from all over Australia and New Zealand, it's an event not to be missed!


This year we are back at the amazing Roundhouse venue at the University of NSW for both days of the competitions!  With a great dance floor and lighting system and only a short taxi ride from the airport it's a great location for both the locals and our interstate visitors. 

Watch this space for more information coming soon!


Competitor Categories  (based on 2014 - subject to change):

Ceroc Modern Jive (Saturday):

Dance With A Stranger:  
Intermediate <2yrs
Intermediate Plus (>2yrs)

Intermediate <2yrs
Intermediate Plus (>2yrs)


Mix n Match

Plus Showcase and Teams

West Coast Swing (Sunday):

Jack n Jill: 
Novice; Intermediate; Advanced/All Star

Strictly Swing: 
Novice; Open  

Plus Pro-Am, Cabaret and Teams

All categories are subject to sufficient entrants.



We suggest that interstaters look at accommodation options in the Kensington, Randwick and Coogee suburbs. 

Kensington and Randwick are both walking distance from the Saturday and Sunday venue and Coogee is a short taxi ride away but it's by the beach, so a great spot!

Coogee Properties: 
The Dive Hotel, right on the beach, rates from $160 per night including continental breakfast and free WIFI. 
(02) 9665 5538

Adina Apartment Hotel, rates from $146 per night using this link and promotion code TH6687997.


Coaching and Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available to help you prepare for the Championships. 

Contact our office on (02) 9410 1111 for details.

Plus, all of our teachers are available at our class venues for on the spot tips and coaching on championship performance.  Please approach your teacher at your local CMJ class for feedback and advice.



We take pride in selecting a suitably qualified panel of judges and allocating them fairly and relevantly across the various categories. 

Modern Jive Judges (2014):
Head Judge - Robert Winter (CMJ - Sydney)
Adrian Doczy (danceVibe - Newcastle), Allan Skinner (Le Step on the Coast - Gold Coast), Ali Rowe (Le Bop - Melbourne), Brian Akers (Independent), Donna Brotherson (Independent), Emma Keating (Le Step on the Coast - Gold Coast), Emma Priest (Ceroc Melbourne), Eric Gray (Raw Connection - New Zealand), Karl Jancar (CMJ - Sydney), Kate Foster (CMJ - Sydney), Mick French (Le Step - Brisbane),  Nicky Haslam (CMJ - Sydney), Patryck Allen (CMJ - Sydney), Paul Brotherson (Independent), Scott Stuart (Modern Jive Melbourne)

West Coast Swing Judges (2014):
Head Judge - Melina Ramirez-Stuart (Barefoot Swing  - Melbourne)
Allan Skinner (Raw Connection - Gold Coast), Ani Fuller (Raw Connection - New Zealand), Brady Stanton (Third Foot Adelaide), Charles Gil (Nuroc - Sydney), Clint Glasgow (Anarchy West Coast Swing - Gold Coast), Eric Gray (Raw Connection - New Zealand), Katrina Ostrenski (Raw Connection - Gold Coast), Leanne Landels (WCS Australia - Sydney), Michelle Fletcher (Swing Skool - Sydney), Peter Fradley (Swing Skool - Sydney), Robert Winter (CMJ West Coast Swing - Sydney), Scott Stuart (Barefoot Swing - Melbourne)

Thank you to the following sponsors ALREADY CONFIRMED for 2015:

Modern Jive Sponsors:
Jomon Architectural Hardware, with thanks to Joe Monorchio - overall event sponsor
Maui Jim - sponsoring the winning male and female student in Mix n Match

West Coast Swing Sponsors:
To be confirmed

Overseas sponsorships:
To be confirmed
 2014 Event Footage
Click on the clips below to see footage of parts of our 2014 event:
Modern Jive Competition

West Coast Swing Competition

2014 Event Results

Modern Jive Competition
Mix n Match (student and teacher combination)
Female Students
1st - Sarah Percival and Patryck Allen (CMJ Sydney)
2nd - Michelle Stewart (Le Step Brisbane) and Matthew Fairburn (Le Step on the Coast)
3rd - Kim Lazenby and Anthony Truong (CMJ Sydney)

Mix n Match (student and teacher combination)
Male Students
1st - Robert Robinson and Nicky Haslam (CMJ Sydney)
2nd - Jayden Walsh and Dani Cosford (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Tom Smith and Emma Willis (Le Step on the Coast)

Beginner Dance With A Stranger
1st - Jayden Walsh (CMJ Sydney) and Fiona McGregor (Ceroc Perth)
2nd - Hock Siew Goh (Melbourne) and Reasmey Tith (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Robert Robinson (CMJ Sydney) and Karina Beattie (CMJ Sydney)

Beginner Freestyle
1st - Robert Robinson and Emily Layson (CMJ Sydney)
2nd - Jayden Walsh and Jennifer Lang (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Joshua Hare and Fiona McGregor (Ceroc Perth)
Intermediate <2 years Dance With A Stranger
1st - Ben Seyer (Le Bop Melbourne) and Michelle Stewart (Le Step Brisbane)
2nd - Calvin Eiber (CMJ Sydney) and Sarah Percival (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Edward Truong (Le Step Brisbane) and Kim Lazenby (CMJ Sydney)

Intermediate <2 years Freestyle
1st - Edward Truong and Michelle Stewart (Le Step Brisbane)
2nd - Alex Keal (New Zealand) and Sarah Percival (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - David Lazenby and Kim Lazenby (CMJ Sydney)

Intermediate Plus Dance With A Stranger
1st - William Wu (CMJ Sydney) and Rebecca Lloyd (Auckland, New Zealand)
2nd - Ben Jury (Le Bop Melbourne) and Tracey Neate (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Adam Ingerman (CMJ Adelaide) and Lisa Gazan (Le Step Brisbane)

Intermediate Plus Freestyle

1st - William Wu and Natalie Au (CMJ Sydney)
2nd - Tony Schembri and Tracey Neate (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Sujit Menon (Melbourne) and Jillian Head (Le Bop Melbourne)
Advanced Dance With A Stranger
1st - Minh Ta (CMJ Sydney) and Helen Guscott (Modern Jive Melbourne)
2nd - Dane Pickering (Central Coast Modern Jive) and Lucilla Ronai (CMJ Sydney and Melbourne)
3rd - Jon Ham (Melbourne) and Adele Sutton (CMJ Sydney)

Advanced Freestyle
1st - Gavin Rudd (CMJ Sydney) and Lucilla Ronai (CMJ Sydney and Melbourne)
2nd - Paul Feitz and Roz Hicks (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - David Mun and Anne Dang (Le Bop Melbourne)
Champions Dance With A Stranger
1st - Anthony Truong (CMJ Sydney) and Dani Cosford (CMJ Sydney)
2nd - Shaun Diaz (Melbourne) and Jess Sweeny (Le Step Brisbane)
3rd - Dan Rippon (Ceroc Waitako, New Zealand) and Kirri Robinson (Le Step on the Coast)

Champions Freestyle
1st - Dan Rippon and Debbie Keal (Ceroc Waikato / New Zealand)
2nd - Shaun Diaz (Melbourne) and Ali Rowe (Le Bop Melbourne)
3rd - Clint Glasgow and Emma Keating (Le Step on the Coast)
1st - Casey Fowler (Queensland), Charlie Cowie (Sydney) and Emma Priest (Ceroc Melbourne)
2nd - Zac Skinner, Matthew Fairburn and Emma Keating (Le Step on the Coast)
3rd - Minh Ta, Ming Sim and Rose De Rota (CMJ Sydney)


1st - Proud Mary - Helen Guscott and Scott Stuart (Modern Jive Melbourne)
2nd - Summer Jam - Amanda Wilson and Anthony Truong (CMJ Sydney)
3rd - Dark Horse - Emma Keating and Matthew Fairburn (Le Step on the Coast)

1st - Blurred Lines (CMJ Sydney)
2nd - Let Her Go (Le Bop Melbourne)
3rd - Can't Believe It (Le Step on the Coast)

West Coast Swing Competition

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Female Students
1st - Debbie Keal and Eric Gray
2nd - Kate Herdman and Eric Gray
3rd - Helen Guscott and Scott Stuart

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Male Students
1st - Jon Ham and Kylie Davey
2nd - Chris Pugmire and Ani Fuller
3rd -
Jure Lucic and Elysia Somerfield

Novice Jack n Jill
1st - Josh Maynard and Emma Priest
2nd - Mark Hodges and Debbie Keal
3rd - Jon Ham and Fiona Raphael

Intermediate Jack n Jill
1st - Anthony Truong and Elysia Somerfield
2nd - Casey Fowler and Jess Sweeny
3rd - Ian Lee and Kirri Robinson

Advanced/All Star Jack n Jill
1st - Zac Skinner and Kylie Davey
2nd - Charles GIl and Kate Foster
3rd - Eric Gray and Maddy Platts

Novice Strictly Swing
1st - Matthew Fairburn and Emma Priest
2nd - Chris Pugmire and Kate Herdman
3rd - Jonathan Ham and Helen Guscott

Open Strictly Swing
1st - Eric Gray and Ani Fuller
2nd - Allan Skinner and Maddy Platts
3rd - Brady Stanton and Kate Foster

Open Strictly Swing - Rising Star Awards
Thomas Reardon and Allison Davies

1st - Rather Be - Zac Skinner and Kylie Davey
2nd - 'It's Raining Men' - Brady Stanton and Peter Fradley
3rd - All Of Me
- Clint Glasgow and Elysia Somerfield

What’s Happening
in November?

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Friday 7th November
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Saturday 8th November
50s Prom Ball
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Saturday 15th November
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Saturday 29th November
Concord Dance Party

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