NSW Ceroc Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Championships
Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June 2016

With more than 250 competitors across two days of competitions, the annual championships is one of the entertainment highlights of our year!

Whether you’re a competitor or a spectator, this amazing spectacular of dance talent is sure to inspire you all weekend long! With impressive dancing and choreography from all over Australia and New Zealand, it’s an event not to be missed!

It’s all over for 2016, but watch this space for details on a new venue for 2017 whilst the Roundhouse undergoes renovations.  But for now reserve the usual June Long Weekend in your diary!

Looking for a DVD of the Championships and Performances?

This year competitors were permitted to use their own recording equipment to film their heats and semi finals.  All finals, teams, showcases and other routine performances were professionally filmed and the footage is available for purchase on DVD and Online Link:

DVD:  $40 per day
Online Link: $30 per day
DVD Postage:  FREE within Australia, $15 overseas

Contact us at to place your order.


We take pride in selecting a suitably qualified panel of judges and allocating them fairly and relevantly across the various categories.

Modern Jive Judges 2016:

Head Judge Robert Winter (Sydney)

Allan Skinner (Gold Coast), Dan Rippon (New Zealand), Emma Keating (Gold Coast), Emma Priest (Melbourne), Helen Guscott (Melbourne), Jason Sullivan (Gold Coast), Jon Ham (Melbourne) Kate Foster (Sydney), Kirri Robinson (Gold Coast/Sydney), Mick French (Brisbane), Nicky Haslam (Sydney), Patryck Allen (Sydney)

West Coast Swing Judges 2016

Head Judge Melina Ramirez-Stuart (Melbourne)

Allan Skinner (Gold Coast), Charles Gil (Sydney), Keri McLean (USA), Kirri Robinson (Gold Coast/Sydney), Kylie Davey (Gold Coast/Byron Bay), Leanne Landels (Sydney), Maddy Platts (Gold Coast), Robert Winter (Sydney), Scott Stuart (Melbourne), Shane McIntyre (USA), Zac Skinner (Gold Coast)


Thank you to our 2016 event sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring the 2017 event please contact us at

Modern Jive Sponsors:

Jomon Architectural Hardware, with thanks to Joe Monorchio – overall event sponsor

Pepes Ducks, with thanks to Pepe Bonaccordo – overall event sponsor

Maui Jim – sponsoring the winning male and female student in Mix n Match

West Coast Swing Sponsors:

1st Place Novice Jack n Jill will win tickets to one event of their choice in the 2016 Raw Connection Competition Tour, sponsored by Raw Connection

1st Place Novice Strictly Swing will win tickets to Swing Escape 2017, sponsored by danceVibe

1st Place Intermediate Jack n Jill will win tickets to the Asia West Coast Swing Open 2017

1st Place Intermediate Strictly Swing will win tickets to New Zealand Open 2016

1st Place Advanced/All Star Jack n Jill will win a cash prize sponsored by Swing Dance Downunder

1st Place Advanced/All Star Strictly Swing will win a cash prize sponsored by Swing Dance Downunder

1st Place Pro Am Strictly Swing (student of the partnership) will win a Workshop & Night Kap Pass, sponsored by Swing Skool

1st Place Pro Am Routine (student of the partnership) will win a Workshop & Night Kap Pass, sponsored by Swing Skool, plus a cash prize sponsored by Swing Dance Downunder

Event Footage
2016 Event Results


2016 Modern Jive Competition - Saturday

Mix n Match (student and teacher combination)
Female Students

1st – Emily Glover & Mervin Almeida (Gold Coast)
2nd – Cherise Paga & Matt Fairburn (Gold Coast)
3rd - Meow Kueh & Jason Haynes (Gold Coast)

Mix n Match (student and teacher combination)
Male Students

1st – Rhys Fallavollita & Nicky Haslam (Newcastle / Sydney)
2nd – Evan Lister & Julie Gunn (Sydney)
3rd – Paul Beanland & Helen Guscott (Melbourne)

Beginner Dance With A Stranger

1st - Simon McKay (Gold Coast) & Mary Rocca (Melbourne)
2nd - Daniel Firth (Sydney/Canberra) & Bel Williams (Newcastle)
3rd - Caleb Jamieson (Newcastle) & Meow Kueh (Gold Coast)

Beginner Freestyle

1st - Joshua Balbin & Mary Rocca (Melbourne)
2nd - Matthew Gibson & Meow Kueh (Melbourne/Gold Coast)
3rd - Daniel Firth & Jocelyn Norman (Canberra/Sydney)

Intermediate <2 years Dance With A Stranger

1st – Rhys Fallavollita (Newcastle) & Gwladys Renaudon (Canberra)
2nd - Evan Lister (Sydney) & Cherise Paga (Gold Coast)
3rd - Paul Beanland (Melbourne) & Emily Glover (Gold Coast)

Intermediate <2 years Freestyle

1st - Rhys Fallavollita & Sandy He (Newcastle/Sydney)
2nd - Evan Lister & Tania Lloyd (Sydney/Melbourne)
3rd - Paul Beanland & Cherise Paga (Melbourne/Gold Coast)

Intermediate Plus Dance With A Stranger

1st - Andrew Srbic (Sydney) & Reasmey Tith (Sydney)
2nd - Mark Priems (Melbourne) & Nicole Mansour (Sydney)
3rd - Grant Walker (Sydney) & Venessa Lee (Gold Coast)

Intermediate Plus Freestyle

1st - Grant Walker & Lilian Chia (Sydney)
2nd - Jayden Walsh & Nicole Mansour (Sydney)
3rd - Brent Harding & Jenny Gainford (Gold Coast)

Intermediate Plus Over 40s Freestyle

1st – Garry Temple & Debra Bierling (Sydney)
2nd – Graham Millar & Marisa Toffoli (Sydney)
3rd – Don Fuggle & Maria D’Angelo (Sydney)

Advanced Dance With A Stranger

1st – William Wu (Sydney) & Alana Muir (Gold Coast)
2nd – Moses Mkusa (Melbourne) & Allison Davis (Brisbane)
3rd – Mark Hodges (New Zealand) & Beata Khaidurova (Melbourne)

Advanced Freestyle

1st – Grant Luck & Julia Fifoot (Brisbane)
2nd – Rowan Marshall & Beata Khaidurova (Melbourne)
3rd – Moses Mkusa & Kaarin Goode (Melbourne)

Champions Dance With A Stranger

1st – Zac Skinner (Gold Coast) & Kirri Robinson (Sydney)
2nd – Matt Fairburn (Gold Coast) & Debbie Keal (New Zealand)
3rd – Anthony Truong (Sydney) & Emma Keating (Gold Coast)

Champions Freestyle

1st - Zac Skinner & Emma Keating (Gold Coast)
2nd - Anthony Truong & Amanda Truong (CMJ Sydney)
Equal 3rd – Dan Rippon & Debbie Keal (New Zealand)
and Shaun Diaz & Wendy Allen (Melbourne/Sydney)


1st – Dan Rippon, Debbie Keal & Nikita Grindle (New Zealand)
2nd – Zac Skinner, Matthew Fairburn & Emma Keating (Gold Coast)
3rd – Moses Mkusa, Kaarin Goode & Hadas Danziger (Melbourne)


1st - Seven Nation Army - Beata Khaidurova & Rowan Marshall (Melbourne)
2nd – Never Forget You – Catherine Azzopardi & David Mun (Melbourne)
3rd - If I Ever Fall In Love – Kaarin Goode & Moses Mkusa (Melbourne)


1st – Push Da Button (Melbourne)   Choreography: Helen Guscott
2nd – Dance Off (Gold Coast)  Choreography:  Emma Keating & Matt Fairburn
3rd – Run The World (Melbourne)  Choreography: Deb Cantoni & Sarah Birtles


2016 West Coast Swing Competition – Sunday

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Female Students

1st - Dominique Trauer & Charles Gil (Sydney)
2nd - Roz Hicks & Anthony Truong (Sydney)
3rd - Katie Cooling & Allan Skinner (Brisbane)
4th - Sandra Guerreiro & Craig Schubert (New Zealand/Adelaide)
5th - Helen Guscott & Dan Rippon (Melbourne/New Zealand)

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Male Students

1st - Mackenzie Sharp & Maddy Platts (Brisbane)
2nd - Grant Walker & Amanda Truong (Sydney)
3rd - Taylor King and Elysia Somerfield (Sydney)
4th - Mark Hodges & Kate Foster (New Zealand/Sydney)
5th - Jure Lucic & Emma Collyer (Sydney)

Novice Jack n Jill
Tier 2 WSDC Points for leaders and followers

1st - Mackenzie Sharp (Brisbane) & Dominique Trauer (Sydney)
2nd - Jure Lucic (Sydney) & Raushaniya Maksudova (Sydney)
3rd - Taylor King (Sydney) & Ali Rowe (Melbourne)
4th - Wayne Carstens (Newcastle) & Jacqui Treagus (Adelaide)
5th - Alan Smith (Brisbane) & Courtney Roper (Brisbane)

Intermediate Jack n Jill
Tier 2 WSDC Points for leaders and followers

1st - Ian Lee (Sydney) & Debbie Keal (New Zealand)
2nd - William Wu (Sydney) & Nicole Mansour (Sydney)
3rd - Matt Fairburn (Gold Coast) & Reasmey Tith (Sydney)
4th - Lachlan McInnes (Sydney) & Tanya Dodi (Adelaide)
5th - Thomas Reardon (Adelaide) & Victoria Upton (Sydney)

Advanced/All Star Jack n Jill
Tier 1 Advanced WSDC Points for leaders and followers

1st - JP Masson (Sydney) & Kate Foster (Sydney)
2nd - Sylvain Pele (France) & Maddy Platts (Brisbane)
3rd - Zac Skinner (Brisbane) & Emma Collyer (Sydney)
4th - Craig Schubert (Adelaide) & Michelle Fletcher (Sydney)
5th - Dan Rippon (New Zealand) & Dani Cosford (Sydney)

Novice Strictly Swing

1st – Mackenzie Sharp & Edie Cheng (Brisbane/Sydney)
2nd – Taylor King & Jess Armstrong (Sydney)
3rd – Jure Lucic & Helen Guscott (Sydney/Melbourne)
4th – Paul Feitz & Roz Hicks (Sydney)
5th – Mark Hodges & Sandra Guerreiro (New Zealand)

Intermediate Strictly Swing

1st – William Wu & Nicole Mansour (Sydney)
2nd – Lachlan McInnes & Fiona Raphael (Sydney)
3rd – Thomas Reardon & Tanya Dodi (Adelaide)
4th – Matt Fairburn & Emma Priest (Brisbane/Melbourne)
5th – Josh Maynard & Emma Keating (Brisbane)

Advanced/All Star Strictly Swing 

1st – Zac Skinner & Maddy Platts (Brisbane)
2nd – Craig Schubert & Kylie Davey (Adelaide/Gold Coast/Byron Bay)
3rd – JP Masson & Michelle Fletcher (Sydney)
4th – Anthony Truong & Kate Foster (Sydney)
5th – Mervin Almeida & Amanda Truong (Brisbane/Sydney)

Pro Am Routine

1st – Tony Schembri and Elysia Somerfield
2nd – Tracey Neate & Peter Fradley
3rd – Hilary Miller & Peter Fradley