Beginner Progression Teachers


I love Ceroc because it’s a great way to keep fit and at the same time to socialise and meet new people.

In my spare time I love gardening, sewing, soccer and cricket.


I love Ceroc because it keeps me young and fit! It’s also very rewarding to see people loving learning to dance.

Outside of Ceroc I enjoy aquarobics, Zumba, pilates, going to the gym, and looking after my grandchildren.


I love Ceroc for the fitness and for the people I’ve met and great friendships I’ve made.

Off the dance floor I enjoy going to the movies, eating out and spending time with my young grandson.


Ceroc is a great way to keep fit whilst having fun, and you meet so many wonderful people!

In my other life I’m a Reflexologist and Remedial Massage Therapist.


From the moment I started Ceroc, my life has been filled with so many wonderful experiences – including discovering that I didn’t actually have two left feet!

When I’m not on the dance floor I love spending time with my two wonderful children and the special people in my life, as well as enjoying the gym, the outdoors, great wine and great food with family and friends.


I love Ceroc for its fitness, the dance parties, and the opportunity to meet new friends in the general social atmosphere that it generates.

Off the dance floor I am an Athletics Sprints Coach and enjoy developing my new athletes!


Ceroc is great because it provides so many social opportunities and it’s great for fitness.

As well as dancing most nights of the week I also find time to enjoy a bit of golf and scuba diving, and by day I am the Director of a hardware business.


I find Ceroc very relaxing and a great way to meet new people. I also like how it’s a unique way of communication.

Outside of dancing I’m a Registered Nurse in Paediatrics, and in my spare time I’m an avid skier and I love hiking.


I love Ceroc for the joy I get when dancing with all the lovely ladies.

Outside of Ceroc I enjoy group fitness classes at the gym and watching Bananas In Pyjamas DVDs with my grandbaby. 


I love everything about Ceroc – the music, the dancing and the great friendships I’ve made.

I have three children, and in my spare time I love being with family and friends, going for walks with our dog Koko, baking cakes (eating them too!) and of course indulging in a glass of bubbly – especially after class at Canada Bay on a Thursday night!


Ceroc is my passion – in the early days you couldn’t get me off the dance floor!

Now I get great pleasure sharing my passion with others by teaching the beginners – I love it!


Ceroc has been a big part of my life since 1995 – some of the friends you meet along the way become part of your family.

I love the way Ceroc has evolved and how everyone helps everyone – I always tell people we were all beginners once and it’s nice to give back, it doesn’t matter what level of dancer you are.


My favorite part of teaching the Beginner Progression classes is seeing the beginners go from confusion to delight within a few short weeks.

I still get thanks from people I taught a few years ago – it’s very rewarding.


I love to dance! The moves, the music, the lights, and of course the sparkles – everything that is Ceroc! Ceroc has been a huge source of happiness for me and I treasure the friends and memories I’ve made along the way.

Outside of Ceroc I’m a Sales Coordinator in healthcare and I enjoy writing, cinema, Zumba, yoga and swimming.


From my very first night at Ceroc I knew I was hooked!

Having danced for most of my life in other styles, Ceroc is by far the most fun and sociable, not to mention great for fitness. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they nail a move and are having a ball on the dance floor!


I love the social side of Ceroc and all the great dance moves. It’s also great for health and fitness – something I’ve always been interested in since my days as a gymnast in South Africa.

Ceroc has made a great difference to my life – meeting my wife Sue at Ceroc classes has made it even more worthwhile!


From the first moment I started Ceroc I was absolutely hooked, and I’ve grown to love it more and more as time goes on.  It’s just so much fun – from the weeknight classes to the weekend dance parties, the Ball, DanceMania, the awesome friendships I’ve made… to everything Ceroc – it just gets better and better!  Live, Love, Dance?  Absolutely!

When I’m not dancing, I love cooking, eating out, going to the gym and spending time with my three children.


As an accredited speed skating coach, I find it enjoyable and rewarding to help people learn to dance.

Ceroc has brought me many new friendships that I cherish and has also allowed my husband and I to really enjoy our cruises and weekends, as Ceroc can be done to most modern music on the radio today.


My husband Rob and I met at Ceroc classes at Manly in 2001 and the rest is history!

Both my daughters and my grandson have learnt Ceroc – our whole family just loves it!

Wayne T

I love Ceroc and also have a background in many other styles of dancing. I love teaching other people in the hope that they may also experience the same passion for dance I have acquired.

Outside dancing I love skiing, kayaking and bike riding.