Beginner Corner

Beginner Progression Classes


At most of our class venues we run a beginner progression class in a separate room to the more challenging intermediate class. The beginner progression class is included in the initial cost of the night, so please stay and take part. It is advisable to do BOTH beginner classes – you should participate in the first class beforehand so that you have an idea of the moves that will be used in the second class.


The beginner progression class is a thorough, personalised revision of the beginner class with additional tips on the fundamentals of dance technique to consolidate your learning process. Plus, being a much smaller group you are able to ask the teacher questions about your dancing.



Dance Guidesdance-guide

Remember to have a dance with our friendly Dance Guides after your beginner class! Your beginner teacher will identify them at the end of the class so do ask them for a dance during the first dance break. They are there to help you, so make the most of them, because dancing with someone more experienced than you is the best way to learn!


Dance Guides are also easily identified with their yellow “Dance Guide” badge.



How to get get free classes and discounts!


Our Member Reward Program is linked to the membership card that you will be issued with on your first night.  You earn 1 point for every 20 Classes or Dance Parties you attend, and can then use your 20 points to redeem a free class (not redeemable at Dance Parties) within 12 months.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll earn free classes, not to mention the big competition we run each year with huge prizes for the people collecting the most stamps – including the ultimate prize a year of free Ceroc!


Check out our Member Rewards page for more information on these rewards available to you.


The other way of getting free classes and discounts is to invest in one of our Unlimited Passes, giving you free entry to classes, and discounts on Dance Parties. See Class Prices and Discounts for more information on our passes.


Ceroc Instructional DVDsbeginner-intermedia-bundle


Our Beginner DVD produced by Nicky Haslam is a must for new beginners!


Pick up your copy at your local class and start learning in the comfort of your own home! PLUS, you can buy a Beginner DVD at the reduced price of only $20 (discount valid until your second night only)


Safety and Dance Etiquette


At Ceroc we believe the dance floor should be safe and comfortable for everyone. Check out our Safety and Etiquette page for some basic etiquette guidelines.


Dance Parties


Coming to Ceroc Dance Classes is a great social activity and a fun way to meet a variety of new people and expand your social life! This happens even more so at our Ceroc Dance Parties, where dancers from all venues come together to dance the night away.


Beginners are very welcome at the Dance Parties – so try not to be afraid if you don’t know anyone. Just make sure you take part in the beginner class at the start of most parties, and do ask people to dance with you – nobody’s allowed to say no at Ceroc, and that includes you!


Check out our Dance Parties page to hear what people have said about our dance parties, and for a list of dates.




Various workshops are on offer throughout the year – check our Workshops and Routine Courses pages for information on what’s coming up at your level.


Particularly recommended for beginners after a few weeks are our Bridge The Gap workshops, aimed at helping you take that next step up to intermediate level.


Our regular Introduction to Ceroc Beginner Workshops are also perfect for beginners who have just started, or are a great two hour taster of Ceroc if it’s your first time and you can’t make it along to the midweek classes.


Major Events




The Annual Ball


Once a year we roll out the red carpet, dust off the ball gowns, and dig out the bow ties for the big social event of the year – the Annual Ceroc Ball.


The Ball is usually themed, and is a glamorous entertainment spectacular you won’t want to miss. With high quality dance shows, sumptuous food and a glamorous champagne reception, everyone should participate in this star-studded annual event!


Click here for more information.




The Annual Championships


Come and see the best of Modern Jive dancing across the world at our annual Championship event. Compete against the top dancers from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK at all levels from Beginners through Intermediate to Advanced and Teams. There’s something for everyone, including Dance With A Stranger competitions. New dancers (less than a year of Modern Jive classes) are encouraged to participate in the fun filled beginner categories. There’s even a category where students of less than 2 years can compete with a teacher!


Don’t miss our next action packed Championships event in June. Click here to find out how you can be involved.


Eden Gardens


Eden Gardens is our intimate but glamorous dinner dance event. Champagne, dinner, dancing and strolling amongst the floodlight gardens – it’s a beautiful night not to be missed. Click here for details.


Your Beginner Ceroc Moves

The following is a list of some of the most popular Beginner moves in Ceroc Modern Jive. These are taught in many of the beginner routines you will learn at class. When learning the class routines, ensure you write the names of the moves down and tick them off the list – that way you will see how quickly you are mastering the core moves.



  • L = Left Hand start (for the leader)
  • R = Right Hand start (for the leader & follower)
  • D = Double Hand start
  • * = appears on our Beginner Instructional DVD

Figure of Eight*
First Move*
First Move Barrier
First Move Check*
Figure of Eight*
First Move Manhattans
Left Comb
Man Breakthrough*
Neck Breakthrough
Return Pull Through
Touch Turn
Underarm Walkthrough*
U Turn I Turn
Aerial Yoyo*
Lady Spin*
Right Comb*
Right Handed First Move*
Secret Move
Springer Throw
Double Hand Manhattans

Your Progress to Intermediate Level


Beginners often ask how long it will take them to get to Intermediate level.


The answer is that there is no answer to that! It really depends on the individual, whether you have other dance experience and how quickly you learn the moves and the correct techniques to master the basics. Attending workshops such as the Bridge The Gap Workshop, doing plenty of Beginner and Beginner Progression classes and practising the beginner moves as much as possible (our weekly dance parties are excellent ways to improve your “freestyle” dancing and dance with a variety of different people of varying standards) will help you move up quickly to Intermediate standard.


As a general guide we recommend that you have completed at least eight Beginner (and Beginner Progression) classes before attempting to move to the next level. Be aware that there is a big jump between the Beginner and Intermediate classes so don’t move up too early.


Before moving up, try one of our periodic Bridge The Gap Workshops at various locations to get more confident to make that step up to Intermediate.  Check our Workshops Page for information on upcoming dates.


When you do move to intermediate level, the teachers and the dancers in the class will expect you to be able to:


  • confidently lead or follow
  • have good balance in spins and firm tone and frame
  • demonstrate safe and secure technique in dips and drops
  • freestyle effortlessly and
  • be totally confident with counting the beat and keeping the rhythm of the music.


If you are unsure whether you are ready to move up or not, check with your Beginner Progression Teacher at your next class.