Format of the Night





Most* of our classes run on the same format of:

7.15pm: Doors open

7.30pm: Beginner class

8.20pm: Social dance time

8.50pm: Intermediate class and second beginner class (‘Beginner Progression’)

9.40pm: Social dance time

10.30pm: Close

* On Sundays the format is the same but everything starts and finishes one hour earlier

*At Willoughby the Intermediate class is replaced by an Intermediate/Advanced Class on all Thursdays apart from the first of the month.


What happens in the beginner class?


During the first beginner class you will learn a few basic, fun beginner moves. The class is rotational, so every person moves around the class to a different partner (unless they specifically want to stay with their own partner).


The number of people in the class will vary from venue to venue, and intermediate dancers always participate in the beginner class to help the beginners through the moves. After all, we were all beginners when we started – we remember what it was like!


At most venues, a second beginner class will follow later in the evening, so, stick around for the first social dance ‘freestyle’ break and the second class.



dance-guideWhat happens in the social dance time?


This is where you get to practise what you’ve learnt! During the first social dance break of the night, we have dedicated ‘Dance Guides’ who will be pointed out to you on the night – look out for their yellow badge too in case they can’t find you. The Dance Guides are there to help you– make sure you have at least one dance with them!


What happens in the beginner progression class and the intermediate class?


After the first dance break, we split the group for two separate 50 minute classes: beginners do the Beginner Progression Class, a thorough, personalised class covering many of the techniques required to perfect that night’s beginner routine and improve your general dance ability, whilst the intermediates do the more challenging Intermediate class. This is followed by more social dancing where you can mix with your new friends…. you’ll be hooked by Ceroc fever!!!!!


What if I’ve never done this before?


Many people are nervous about coming to their first class, especially if coming alone. And we understand that! Only the hundreds of other people who come to our classes each week can reassure you that it’s ok – you’ll be made very welcome, and there is nothing to be nervous about. But we know you won’t believe us, until you come to a class!


We can’t tell you how many times people have said “But I’ve got two left feet”, or “But I’ve got no idea how to dance”. We’ll tell you a secret….that’s why you should come to class and learn how to!


A Ceroc modern jive class is meant to be fun, so relax, smile and enjoy it. Believe it or not it’s easier to dance if you relax and don’t try so hard! Don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of all the moves in the beginner class – you can ask all your questions in the beginner progression class or have a practice with the Dance Guides during the social dance time.


For more information on starting YOUR Ceroc Modern Jive experience, please take a moment to look at our Beginner Corner. It covers everything you need to know to start your enjoyment of Ceroc modern jive dancing!