Format of the Night



One of the great things about Ceroc is that you can turn up without a partner any night of the week, meet some new people, make some new friends, and learn some simple but impressive dance moves.  


However, in Covid times sometimes it’s a little different…..


Our priority is to keep you safe and minimise risk as much as possible, so formats will regularly change in line with the Covid climate at the time.  For current formats always please check our current timetable accessible via the Venues & Times page.  


Some Tips for Beginners


Many people are nervous about coming to their first class – and we understand that! Only the hundreds of other people who come to our classes each week can reassure you that it’s ok.


We can’t tell you how many times people have said “But I’ve got two left feet”, or “But I’ve got no idea how to dance”. We’ll tell you a secret….that’s why you should come to class and learn how to!


Here’s a list of some Beginner moves you will learn in the classes.  Why not tick them off as you learn them and gradually build your repertoire to start burning up the dance floor in no time!


  • L = Left Hand start (for the leader)
  • R = Right Hand start (for the leader & follower)
  • D = Double Hand start
  • * = appears on our Beginner Instructional DVD

Figure of Eight*
First Move*
First Move Barrier
First Move Check*
Figure of Eight*
First Move Manhattans
Left Comb
Man Breakthrough*
Neck Breakthrough
Return Pull Through
Touch Turn
Underarm Walkthrough*
U Turn I Turn
Aerial Yoyo*
Lady Spin*
Right Comb*
Right Handed First Move*
Secret Move
Springer Throw
Double Hand Manhattans