MasterClass Mondays

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Club Willoughby,
26 Crabbes Ave, Willoughby
Monday Nights 7.30pm til 10pm



  • For those serious about improving their dancing, whether it be for competitions or just to become a better partner on the social dance floor!
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced level.
  • Focussed, topic specific classes with TWO TEACHERS from 7.30pm til 8.45pm (occasionally til 9pm depending on the topic) followed by freestyle time until 10pm.
  • Each week one person will be randomly selected from the computer to receive feedback from that night’s teachers during freestyle time.  Make the most of this mini private lesson to further improve and develop your skills!
  • No need to lock in to a whole term – all usual casual rates and class passes apply.  There is however a structured development and flow from week to week within each term, so bear this in mind if you’re skipping any weeks.
  • Partner required for most weeks – check the schedule below.  On the few weeks where no partner is required, all couples will be expected to rotate unless otherwise specified.
  • The schedule below is subject to change depending on teacher availability throughout the year.


MasterClass Mondays are designed as an enhancement, not a replacement, to your Ceroc experience on other nights of the week. It is therefore expected that you continue to dance at your regular venue(s) to share your new skills and inspire and encourage others. Without this commitment MasterClass Mondays are not sustainable.

2019 Schedule

Term 1 – 18th February to 1st April (7 weeks)

1. Monday 18th February
TOPIC: A Taste Of Things To Come
TEACHERS:  Julie G & Nathan
OVERVIEW: What defines our dance?; ‘Ceroc’ count / straight count conversion; Music structure basics; Playing with footwork; Breaking the rules; Spinning basics

2. Monday 25th February
TOPIC: Connection (Part 1)
TEACHERS:  Reasmey & Nathan
OVERVIEW: Handholds; Weight transfer; Balance; Connection levels and types; Leading/following through frame

3. Monday 4th March
TOPIC: Connection (Part 2)
TEACHERS:  Reasmey & Nathan
OVERVIEW: Continuation of Week 2 above

4. Monday 11th March
TOPIC: Musical Appreciation
TEACHERS:  Reasmey & Nathan
OVERVIEW: An extended understanding of musical structure; Finding the 1; Choosing appropriate moves to highlight the ‘hits’ and/or lyrics

5. Monday 18th March
TOPIC: His and Hers Styling
TEACHERS:  Nicky & Robert
OVERVIEW: Styling ideas for both leaders and followers using simple moves to put them into practise

6. Monday 25th March
TOPIC: Musical Magic
TEACHERS:  Amanda & Anthony
OVERVIEW: Using the music to be dynamic with acceleration, deceleration, syncopation, level changes and more

7. Monday 1st April
TOPIC: Musical Marriage
TEACHERS:  Julie G & Nathan (Happy Birthday Nathan!)
OVERVIEW: Marrying your moves and styling to different types of music


Term 2 - 29th April to 27th May (5 weeks)

(Preparation for CMJ Championships 31st May to 2nd June)

1. Monday 29th April
TOPIC: Performance and Competition Skills 
TEACHERS:  Julie G & Patryck
OVERVIEW: Dancing to a front; Getting the judges’ attention (for the right reasons!); Body positions and lines (kodak moments); Facial expressions, chemistry, engagement and getting the crowd to cheer for you!

2. Monday 6th May
TOPIC: Baby Aerials
TEACHERS:  Julie G & Louie
OVERVIEW: Learn 3 to 4 impressive baby aerials for use on the competition floor.

3. Monday 13th May
TOPIC: Triples
PARTNER REQUIRED? YES (One leader and two followers)
OVERVIEW: Learn some fun Triples moves either for the competition floor or just for fun when there’s an excess of followers at class!

4. Monday 20th May
TEACHERS:  Nicky & Robert
OVERVIEW: Learn 4-5 impressive dips for the competition and the social floor.

5. Monday 27th May
TOPIC: Final Competition Preparation
TEACHERS:  Julie G & Patryck
PARTNER REQUIRED? Yes/No (participate and stay with your competition partner if you have one, or rotate as a solo for Dance With A Stranger purposes)
OVERVIEW: One last opportunity before our Championships this weekend to be reminded of some competition tips, to practise your categories in front of an audience, and to get some personal feedback

Term 3 - 17th June to 8th July (4 weeks)
More on Connection and Technique

1. Monday 17th June
TOPIC: It’s Not All About The Gold!
TEACHERS:  Nathan & Reasmey
OVERVIEW: Whether or not you got a medal, made it to the final or even made it past the first round in the recent Championships, if you enjoyed the experience and improved your dancing by doing so, then you’re a winner! In this class we will cover what got people to the podium and how you can review and improve for next time. (Also very suitable for non-competitors for general dance improvement).

2. Monday 24th June
TOPIC: Body Lines and Positioning
TEACHERS: Nathan & Reasmey
OVERVIEW: In this class you will be doing mostly solo exercises working on core balance and self awareness to help you achieve an understanding of how your own movements affect the dance partnership.

3. Monday 1st July
TOPIC: Ready For Anything! 
TEACHERS: Nathan & Reasmey
OVERVIEW: Frame and connection for responsiveness, body flight and balance within the partnership.

4. Monday 8th July
TOPIC: I LOVE This Song! 
TEACHERS: Nathan & Reasmey
OVERVIEW: When a challenging song comes on, particularly in a competition, you HAVE to love it! Nathan & Reasmey will show you how to learn to love :)


Term 4 – 22nd July to 5th August (3 weeks)
The Fun Term!

1. Monday 22nd July
TOPIC: Blind Following and Reverse Roles 
TEACHERS: Nathan & Roz
OVERVIEW: Tonight we’re mixing it up a bit on who is the leader and who is the follower, plus improving your lead/follow skills with some blindfold dancing! After a lot of fun, the end result should be an increased appreciation for other half of your partnership and knowing how to be a better partner (on the dance floor only sorry….)!

2. Monday 29th July
TOPIC: Infinity 
TEACHERS: Nathan & Roz
OVERVIEW: One of the fun categories at the upcoming Queensland Modern Jive Championships, Infinity is where you must dance a whole song without breaking a double hand hold!  It’s a great test of determination and concentration, and lots of fun!

3. Monday 5th August
TOPIC: Steals 
TEACHERS: Nathan, Grant & Roz
OVERVIEW: Our last topic in this ‘Fun Term’, Steals is one of our favourites – two leaders dancing with one follower, constantly and smoothly ‘stealing’ their follower throughout the song.  It makes us feel VERY popular ladies…. :)

Term 5 – 26th August to 30th September (6 weeks)

1. Monday 26th August
TOPIC: Handless Connection
TEACHERS: Nathan & Julie G
OVERVIEW: You did Infinity (ie no break of handhold) last term – now let’s go the opposite extreme, where one hand must NOT be held with your partner’s hand!  Connection only via the hip, shoulder, etc – it’s a great way to practise advanced connection technique!

2. Monday 2nd September
TOPIC: Pretty As A Picture!
TEACHERS: Nathan & Reasmey
OVERVIEW: Further work on our all important ‘frame’ – essential if you want to excel in Week 6 of this final term! (see below)

3. Monday 9th September
TOPIC: Choreography
TEACHERS: Nathan & Julie G
OVERVIEW: Learn from the experts how to map out a song and get started on creating a routine – and then create one yourself on the same night and get feedback from your teachers!  Who knows….you could be heading towards your own Showcase entry at our Championships next year!

4. Monday 16th September
TOPIC: His and Hers Styling
TEACHERS: Anthony & Amanda
OVERVIEW: Our second Styling class in this year’s MasterClass syllabus – and this time learning from Anthony and Amanda, so we all know there’s going to be some ‘hairology’ involved – and not only from Amanda….

5. Monday 23rd September
TOPIC: All About Him
TEACHERS: Anthony & Amanda
OVERVIEW: There’s often a big focus on how the leader can create opportunities for the follower to look good – but tonight, it’s all about you leaders!  Cool moves with advanced techniques – it’s your time to shine boys!

6. Monday 30th September
TOPIC: One Foot Spins
TEACHERS: Nathan & Reasmey
OVERVIEW: The ultimate goal for some advanced dancers – the ability to do one foot spins!  And guys, it’s as much about your lead as her ability to spin, so don’t think this one is just about the girls!



  1. FEBRUARY 15th to 17th – Summer Jive (Canberra)
  2. APRIL 12th to 14th – VMJC (Melbourne)
  3. MAY 31st to JUNE 2nd – CMJ Championships (Sydney)
  4. JULY 12th to 14th – Move Your Body (Gold Coast)
  5. AUGUST 9th to 11th – Ignite/QMJC (Gold Coast)
  6. NOVEMBER 8th to 10th – DanceMad (Melbourne)

In addition some of our Sydney dancers will be attending Fevah in Christchurch, New Zealand on 5th to 7th April 2019, and Pan Asia Champs in Ubud, Bali on 17th to 20th October 2019.  If considering the Bali event please bear in mind that will be during our peak Ball Routine rehearsal season.