Covid-19 Classes



2020!  What a challenging time for us all!  


We recognise the impact Covid-19 is having on everyone’s lives right now, and we have hundreds of people out there missing the joy of Ceroc for many reasons including the need for social interaction, physical fitness and mental well-being.  However, our focus right now has to be on keeping our customers and staff safe, and on abiding by the government restrictions.


Currently, all our regular classes and parties are on hold, and we are offering the following great alternatives:


  • BYO Partner Ceroc classes – click here for details
  • Downloadable video classes to learn at home at your own pace – click here for details
  • Julie’s Jazzy Funky Stuff – dance fitness classes to modern pop music (non contact dance in groups of maximum 20) – click here for details
  • Private lessons at limited times and locations – call 0418 426 401 for details


Please read our Covid-19 safety procedures at this link if you are attending any of our temporary classes.  Stay safe and stay healthy and WE WILL BE BACK on our beloved dance floors when it is safe to do so.