Jazzy Funky Stuff




(Temporary during Covid-19)




Build your confidence!
Enhance your coordination and style!
Great for fun and fitness!
Dance to current popular music! 





‘Jazzy Funky Stuff’ is the best way we can describe these fun classes which are a cross between line dancing, jazz dancing, and what you see the back up dancers doing on pop music videos.  In each 4 week course you will learn TWO choreographed routines – and who knows one day maybe we’ll be able to perform them in front of an audience!


It’s fun and it’s for everyone – no experience required for the beginner class, but some self coordination and solo dance experience preferred for the intermediate class. 


4 Week Courses (no casual classes), limited to 20 people per course in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Minimum 10 registrations required for each course to go ahead, so please book early.


Our Jazzy Funky Stuff courses have now concluded and as we have returned to a limited number of partner dance classes we have no further dates scheduled at this stage.



Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company has an approved COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.  Your health and safety is our priority.