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Ceroc Modern Jive Instructional DVDs – a Ceroc teacher in your lounge room!

Whatever your level from beginner to advanced, owning Nicky Haslam’s Instructional DVD collection is a sure way to improve your dancing!

Whether you have trouble remembering the moves after class, or just want to fast track by learning extra moves from home, DVDs are the way to go.beginner-intermedia-bundle

Our original and professional instructional collection is designed, performed and presented by Nicky Haslam, founder of Ceroc Modern Jive dancing in Australia and 5 times Australasian Advanced Ceroc Modern Jive Champion and Robert Winter, also Australasian Advanced Ceroc Modern Jive Champion.

Nicky & Robert have travelled extensively across Australia, New Zealand and the UK teaching and performing their unique brand of Australian Ceroc and are also well renowned show choreographers. Together they were the First UK Jive Masters Champions.

Most titles show back and front views allowing you to practise behind the instructors in front of your screen, and utilise the slow-motion framing and close up teaching techniques for which our Instructional Collection is now world-famous. All also include freestyle dance footage from Nicky Haslam and Robert Winter and some of Australia’s top dancers.

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Single DVD Price:
Beginner DVD $30
All other titles $40

Beginner Special:
New beginners have the opportunity to buy the Beginner DVD at only $20 on their first or second night.  Full price $30 after the second night.

Package Prices:
Buy 3 full priced DVDs and get the cheapest one FREE.
Invest in the whole collection of 10 for $295.
No further discounts on package prices.

Postage and Credit Cards:
Please note postage charges will apply for DVDs mailed out.
2% surcharge on credit card transactions.



“Every dancer, whether a beginner or experienced, should own this [Musicality and Style] DVD. It’s the best one I have seen covering the fundamentals that make one pair of dancers stand out from others and also get more out of the music interpreting it with the dance. Thank you very much again”

Will Thorne, England

“I have bought a number of your DVD’s and the Musicality and Style one would have to be the best DVD. ….I can see that I need to do less moves and finish ones I do know well, dance to the music and not be dictated by the moves I want to show off.”

Hans Rosloot, New Zealand

“We received the DVD and have enjoyed watching it, learning new moves to try out on the dance floor. It is very well put together and easy to follow. We especially like the slow-motion frames that allow us to focus in on the finer points of each move. We look forward to learning more about Ceroc through additional DVDs. Congratulations on putting together such a creative instructional production!”

Patti and Roy Morum, USA

“My partner and I both congratulate you on the quality and content of the production. (well done !!!!) We both look forward to purchasing the next volume to be released.”


“The DVD for Beginners was terrific for me. I am recommending it to all beginners.”


Click here to see our range of DVD titles or our DVD trailers