DVD Titles

ceroc-beginner-dance-dvdBEGINNER Series 1 Version 2

Hints and tips on general dance technique including Spinning, Frame, Connection, Lead and Follow. Plus many of our beginner moves including: Man Breakthrough, Octopus, Throwaway, First Move, Figure of Eight, Lady Spin, Underarm Walkthrough, Secret Move, Aerial Yoyo, Return Comb, 1st Move Flick Spin, 1st Move Check, Yoyo, 1st Move Stop Spin, Pretzel, Wurlitzer…and more!



ceroc-intermediate-dance-dvdINTERMEDIATE Series 1

Open Neckbreak, Sway, Travelling Return, First Move Check Roll, Shoulder Check Lean, CJ with SuperStop, Yoyo Figure of 8 Slide, Hipspin, Swan Drop, First Move Stop Spin, Neck Breakthrough Push, Double Conan Spin, Glen’s Ballroom Drop, False Springer, Accordian Towels, Springer exit, Killer Boomerang, First Move Check Crossover…and many more stylish social dance moves!




ceroc-intermediate-dance-dvd2INTERMEDIATE Series 2

First Move Backpass, Terry’s Rotating Comb, Accordian – Towel, Funky Towels, First Move Stop Spin – Astaire, First Move Lariat, Cross Hand Catapult, Roll-In Check, Barrier Manspin, Cleaver-Garotte, Backwards Ronde Sweep Dip, First Move Figure of Eight, Arm Bar, Return/Comb, Man Duck n Weave, Half Pretzel – Lady Wrapper – Wrapper Spin, R>L Hand Pass, Conan Teapot, Jamie’s Teapot, Scissor American Spin, DH Lady Bow, One Arm Flower spin



ceroc-IA-dance-dvdINTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED Series 1

Winder Block, Rotating Go-Cat, Catapult – Lady Drop Kick, Lassoe Walk, Tornado Sway, Safe Dip, Spretzel-Swizzle, First Move Backhander, Fast Reverse Figure of 8, Power Spin, Ginger Astaire
Drop, Man Guitar – Reverse Conan, Accordian – Man Neck Trap, Short Backhander with Double Stop, Lady Led Improvisations, Roll In One Arm Dip, Spinning Man Breakthrough, Rotating Sway, Accordian Stomp, Come Hither Rocks & A/c Flick Past, Pretzel Astaire, Lady Led Check Dip



 ceroc-IA-dance-dvd2INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED Series 2

Hiro Los Dos, Setente, Long Lean Dip, Conan Pullback, Tidal Wave, Man Underarm Walkthrough Slide, Rebound Wrap to Quick Fire Out, Slow x 2, Quick x 4 Lindy Twists, Hitch Kick Shimmy Dip, Killer Pretzel, Supertwister, First Move Knee Lift, First Move Whirlwind Dip, Manhattans, Tap, Step, Slide “Shine”, Backhander Surprise, Lady Choker, Ballroom Turns, L Leg Tango Drag, Chicago Dip…and many more stylish social dance moves!



ceroc-advance-dance-dvdADVANCED Series 1

New York Sweep, Headchopper, Seducer Sweep, Somersault, Rotating Tango Lunge, The Charise, Weeping Lunge, The Comet, Rotating Cuddle Throw, Twister, First Move Man Breakthough Rondes, Back Kick Lunge & Variations, The Charlie, Leap of Faith, Tango Sit…and many more stylish social dance moves!




 ceroc-advance-dance-dvd2ADVANCED Series 2

Including 11 ground moves and 11 aerial moves:

Fall Slide, Swan Drop Rotator, First Move KJ, The Giant Leap, Skyhook, Wrap Somersault, Drop Kick-Cartwheel, Possum Drop, Continuous Spretzel Dip, Kentucky, CJ into Lady Ronde, Cuban Kiss, The Bow, Supergirl, Swan Dive, Split Rollover, The Prayer…and many more stylish social dance moves!



ceroc-advance-dance-dvd3ADVANCED Series 3

Kiwi Teapot Stir, Bicep Spin, JP, Trapeze, Swan Lunge Combination, Tango First Move, Shoulder Sit/Drop, Flying Coathanger, Sway Lift Scissor Kick, Latin Back Drop, First Move Swap, Swayze Spin Dip, Death Spiral, R>L Handpass, V-R Wave Cross, Roll Across, Side Death Dive / Armchair, Elbow Hook-Matador Lunge – Tango Sit, The Scoot, Roby Dip, Flyer, Shoulder Lift / Arabesque exit…



ceroc-advance-dance-dvd4ADVANCED Series 4

Whip Winder Aussie Teapot Stir, Swing Dip, Tango Sit – Tango Flyer, Double Check Sit, Roll-In Somersault, First Move Pullback – Wrap Double Dip, Tango Drag – Rotating Leg Hook Lunge, Glen’s Roll Down, Crucifix – Cuddle exit, Clueless – Lady Lock Spin Dip, Neck Slam, Shoulder Blade Lift, Rotating Russian, Kiss of Death, Flywheel / Seducer, Continuous Pretzel – Man Duck Under Turn, Double Neck Wrap Dip, Hipswing, First Move Whirlwind Dip, Roll-In Lift, Armani Leg Lean, Helicopter…



ceroc-close-move-dvdTHE ULTIMATE CLOSE MOVES SELECTION Series 1

22 of our most sensual and sexy Close Moves. How to Turn Up the Heat on the Dance Floor and “Squeeze to Please”……. in the best possible taste!!!!

Argentinian Slide, Quickstep, Check Sit Sweep, Manhattans, Manhattan Turns, Manhattan Drop, Lady Walkaround, Cavalier Seducer, Reverse Astaire Drop, The Garbo, First Move Rocks, BJ’s Garbo, Crossbow, Grinds, Valentino Drop, BJ Lean, Swan Drop Seduction, The Frisk, Banana Smoothie, Eskimo, Snuggle Manhattans


ceroc-close-move-dvd2THE ULTIMATE CLOSE MOVES SELECTION Series 2

Y’Bota, The “Early Birthday Present!”, Winder – Manhattan Comb Side Bow, The Caress, Manhattan Walk, SS Leg Straddle, Double Return Close Dip, Side Wurlitzer Drape, Brisbane Lean – Lady Leg Slide, Lady Body Roll Up, Double Neck Drape, Neck Caress, Lady Fan – Hipspin, The Tart, Salsa Comb Manhattans, The Invitation, Pretzel – Walkaround (hip rolls), Springer Surprise – Seducer Drop, Rotating Grape, “Every Man’s Desire!”, Salsa Dips, Ginger-Astaire Drop, Cross handed “Come Hither” Rocks, Close Hold Shuffles, Argentinian Slide…and many more sensual social dance moves!


musicality-style-dance-dvdMusicality & Style For Modern Jive

One of our most recent and best selling DVDs, this DVD is the culmination of over 20 years experience of Modern Jive styling and musical development both in the UK and Australia, and has all of the essential techniques needed to learn how to ‘phrase’ your dance and add lots of style to your repertoire.