Dance Mania – Consent Form

Booking Conditions
DanceMania 2016






I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in attending and participating in this event and that injury may occur. I have no physical or mental condition which has the potential to put myself or any other person at risk during the event. I am physically fit to participate. I exclude all event staff from any personal liability in respect of any injury or illness that may befall me while at the event. By agreeing to attend and participate, I waive any future right to claim negligence, except for that which cannot be excluded at law. In the event of an injury or illness, I give approval to any necessary medical treatment carried out by a legally qualified medical practitioner. Should this be necessary, I understand that my next of kin may be notified.


Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy


Deposit of $100 per person payable upon booking (or relevant amount if booking after the due dates listed below)
Cancellation before 24/4/16 – 100% refunded
Second instalment of $150 per person due 24/4/16
Cancellation from 24/4/16 to 23/7/16 – 25% of total amount refunded
Final balance due 24/7/16
Cancellation from 24/7/16 – no refunds
DVD Orders – 100% refund if you cancel your booking before the event
Activities and Tours – no refunds
Our cancellation policy is in line with the policy at Cypress Lakes and there are no exceptions.
Bookings are only transferable to another person if that person is of the same gender and willing to take the accommodation allocated to the original person. 


Privacy – Permissions

I understand that any photos and video footage taken of me a this event may be published on the DVD and in Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company advertising. I understand that I may offer specific instruction to the Event Manager whilst at the event for any particular photo not to be featured, not including any large group photos or performance video footage.


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