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I love Ceroc because it’s fun, you get to dance to cool music and it’s a great way to meet people and keep fit.

I also love seeing the positive changes it can make to people’s lives like it has to mine.

In my ‘other life’ I’m a Social Worker, and on weekends I love rollerblading, golf, bike riding, fishing, and bushwalking in one of my favorite places, the Blue Mountains.


I love Ceroc because it’s easy to learn, you can dance it to any music, and it’s a great way to meet new people.

Outside of Ceroc my passions are my dogs Rocky and Pebbles, coaching and playing hockey, music, cooking, going to the gym and enjoying the great outdoors.


I love this dance because it’s easy to learn, it’s a great way to meet new people, and you get to dance to awesome Top 40 music!

Off the dance floor I love surfing, cooking (and eating!), photography and the gym.

As well as teaching, I enjoy competing, and mentoring other Modern Jivers to do the same.


I love the Ceroc style of dance because it allows you to add your own flair, expression and style – that’s what makes it so much fun!


I love Ceroc because it’s a fun way of keeping fit and catching up with friends.

By day I’m an Acoustical Engineer and Director of a web monitoring company, so I find Ceroc really relaxing – it works the other side of my brain and takes my mind off a stressful career.


I was hooked on Ceroc from my first class! It’s so expressive and you meet so many great people.

Outside of ceroc you’ll find me studying, working or playing cricket.

Julie G – Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company Director

I love Ceroc because it makes such a difference to people’s lives. I’ve lost count of how many people have thanked me for giving them the joy of Ceroc – it’s the social aspect and the ease of learning that makes it so achievable and enjoyable – not to mention the opportunity for us girls to wear sparkles every night of the week 🙂

In my spare time outside of Ceroc, I enjoy expanding my dance knowledge learning other styles, as well as sewing, photography and travel.


I love Ceroc because it’s social, it’s energising and it’s my happy place!

I’m an HR Manager by day and in my spare time I’m all about spending time with friends over a good barista coffee or a cheeky glass of vino!



Ceroc’s great because it’s easy to learn, fun to do, and you can express yourself to a variety of music.

When I’m not on the dance floor or behind the DJ booth I’m an Operations Consultant and a busy father of 4.


I used to be the last person you would see on the dance floor until I started Ceroc!

I love the opportunity to express my interpretation of the music and to share this with others.  Ceroc has also allowed me to interact with many different people from all walks of life and to make numerous new friends. 


Ceroc is my passion because it’s easy to learn, adaptable, versatile, stylish, and it keeps you fit – it’s the dance for everyone!

Since handing over ownership of Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company to Julie Gunn in 2008, I now enjoy having the time to pursue my other hobbies of running, swimming, reading and going out for dinner and to the movies. But I’ll always love Ceroc the most!


I love Ceroc because it enables you to express yourself in different ways and because it has a great worldwide dance community.

When I’m not teaching Ceroc, I am a Management Consultant and a keen cricket fan.


From my very first night at Ceroc I knew I was hooked!

Having danced for most of my life in other styles, Ceroc is by far the most fun and sociable, not to mention great for fitness. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they nail a move and are having a ball on the dance floor!


I don’t teach very often now – I like to consider it “semi retirement” so that I can pursue my love of history and photography (you’ll more often find me behind the camera at dance events rather than on the dance floor now). But when I do teach, I love helping aspiring dancers achieve their goals – whether that be to win a World Championship or to just have an enjoyable groove on the social floor with friends – Modern Jive is for everyone!


I’ve been dancing Ceroc since 2007 and I love everything about it! I just love the fun, the fitness and the funkiness!

Outside of Ceroc I’m a performer by trade, and my main job is as a Puppeteer and Writer for a Christian group called Quiz Worx.


I love Ceroc because it’s easy to learn, it’s danced to modern music and you get to meet new people.

I started dancing Ceroc in New Zealand in 1998, and am taking life a bit more easily now after years of performing, judging and DJing. During the day I’m a Lighting Support Engineer.

Wayne E

Ceroc offers so many of the things that make life enjoyable – great dancing, cool music, wonderful friends, fun parties and great memories.

It’s even more rewarding that I get to help people learn to dance while sharing these fun experiences.