Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great way to fast track your learning!

If you’re after personal attention and specific feedback about your dancing that can’t be given to you in a group class, then booking an hour with a private lesson teacher is the way to go.

Maybe you’re nervous about attending a group class and would like to get a few one on one lessons first? Or perhaps training for a comp or performance and you’d like a little extra help?

Private lessons are available with some of our teachers at the following prices (effective 1st February 2017):

  • $80 per hour for one or two dancers with one teacher
  • $110 per hour for one or two dancers with two teachers (if available)

Group prices on application

In some cases an additional room hire fee may be charged.

Email our office at to discuss your needs, and we’ll book you in with a teacher and get you started!

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Here’s what our private lesson students have said about their experiences:

“Robert and I had a private lesson with Adam last night! It was fantastic and he was so good with teaching techniques! All the subtle movement of the arms, positions, and preps make such a difference to our dancing. He has so much passion with his Ceroc and his teaching! It was a really great experience….we hope we can incorporate what we’ve learnt and improve our Ceroc dancing!” Carrie & Robert

“Many of us at the beginner/intermediate level often make some ridiculous mistakes on the dance floor, but most people are too nice and polite to tell us. Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company has some great teachers – private lessons with them are an excellent way to become aware of one’s mistakes and start working on them!” Tim

“My dance partner and I have had private lessons a couple of different times leading up to the championships. Both times we had only about 4 lessons and they made such a difference. We just asked for some coaching on our style, fixing up a few tricky moves and confidence building before the event. Hopefully private lessons will be an ongoing part of improving our dancing together from now on.” Anna



Your Wedding Day is one of the biggest days of your life. And your bridal dance is one of the most remarkable moments that you and your guests will remember for years to come – so why not let the Ceroc and Modern Jive Dance Company help you make it even more special?

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