Class Venues & Times



During our indefinite suspension due to COVID-19, classes are available ONLINE as follows:


Beginner 6 Week Series
Intermediate 6 Week Series


Owner of Ceroc, Julie Gunn, partnered by Domenic Sergi, teaches the classes to you on a downloadable video as though she’s right there in your home, going through 3 to 4 moves per class with full instruction and music run throughs.


The Beginner Series starts off with all the basics for first timers and is jam packed with fun beginner moves going from the most basic Man Breakthrough in Week 1 to the challenge of the Pretzel in Week 6.  It’s the perfect 6 week series for beginner dancers and is released one class per week on TUESDAYS from 7th April 2020.


The Intermediate Series has a collection of some of Julie’s favourite moves and sequences, plus a bonus ‘dancealong’ freestyle with her and Domenic at the end of each video.  Intermediate classes will come out on WEDNESDAYS from 8th April 2020.


Each series is available for purchase for only $35 per household for the whole six weeks. So if there’s two of you at home that’s an absolute bargain – 6 weeks of beginner or intermediate classes for less than $3 per person per class! Even less if you invest in both the beginner and the intermediate series, because there’s a $5 discount for getting both!


Most classes are 30 minutes long (some slightly shorter / longer depending on difficulty and length of moves) and of course you can watch them as many times as you like because you can download them. Ideally you do need a partner, although most of the beginner moves would be achievable by yourself.  We’re still working on the concept of some solo dance videos for those of you isolating alone – we’re currently facing more challenges with those due to music licensing regulations but we hope to be able to work through that and bring them to you soon.




Go to this link to access our Ceroc Booking System.  If you have previously booked for our workshops and events, you will already have an account and can use your existing login and password.  If not, there is a simple registration process – however often your registration confirmation will go to your Junk Mail so please check there if you don’t receive it, and contact if you encounter any problems.


We wish you all the best for staying active and healthy during these challenging times, and hope to see you on a real dance floor in the not too distant future at one of our regular venues listed below.



101 Meadows Road, Mount Pritchard
SUNDAYS 6.30pm til 9.30pm

More info on our Mounties class


Currently homeless following venue renovations!  Our fabulous Forestville Ceroc community currently eagerly await confirmation of a new location hopefully soon in 2020.


Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde
TUESDAYS 7.30pm til 10.30pm

More info on our Ryde Eastwood class


Bexley RSL
24 Stoney Creek Road, Bexley
WEDNESDAYS 7.30pm til 10.30pm

More info on our Bexley class


Club Willoughby (Willoughby Legion Ex Services Club)
26 Crabbes Ave, Willoughby
THURSDAYS 7.30pm til 10.30pm

More info on our Willoughby class


Canada Bay Club
4 William Street, Five Dock
THURSDAYS 7.30pm til 10.30pm

More info on our Canada Bay class

Intermediate/Advanced MasterClasses

Workshop-style classes on a term basis on Monday nights at Club Willoughby, 26 Crabbes Avenue, Willoughby for intermediate and advanced dancers (not suitable for new beginners).  March til September only.

2020 term dates and topics currently ON HOLD due to COVID-19.

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