Our Team


Below is our team of friendly talented teachers you will see around at our classes.  Make sure you come up and ask us for a dance!


At Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company it’s not all about who’s on stage.  Here’s our wonderful crew of smiling faces greeting you on entry to our classes, and who deserve a lot of the credit for the great experience you have on your Ceroc night – if you have a question, just pop over to the front desk and ask them!


Some of our instructors teach with a teaching partner, others might teach with a skilled demonstrator from our volunteer team.  Here’s our current team of fabulous volunteers!


Since Ceroc started in Australia in 1991 we have had many wonderful teachers on our team and we thank all of them, particularly our original founder Nicky Haslam, for the contribution they have made to Ceroc and the difference they have made to so many people’s lives.  Over the years many of them have moved on to other personal and family commitments, but their love of Ceroc will never die, and you might even see some of them make a comeback occasionally……