Prices & Discounts




$18 per person per night
No discounts for partial attendance
($20 per person for Dance Parties)



CEROC 5 – $85 for 5 nights (SAVE $5)

CEROC 10 – $160 for 10 nights (SAVE $20)

CEROC 20 – $300 for 20 nights (SAVE $60)


– Purchase in person at class, or online with PayPal via the myCeroc section of your CEROC BOOKING ACCOUNT 


– All passes are valid for 6 months and cannot be extended, refunded or transferred.  
Please note this applies even if the venue the pass was purchased at changes or closes, as passes are valid equally at ALL venues (classes only, not valid at Dance Parties or Workshops)


– Your pass will be connected digitally to your Ceroc membership card, therefore please always show your card on entry.  Passes cannot be shared between memberships.


– Rewards Points are earned on Class Pass usage.  No Rewards Points are earned on casual entries.
Click here for full details of the Rewards Program