One of the many great things about participating in Ceroc is that as well as the opportunity to dance at our Classes and Dance Parties, there’s usually also some great seasonal events to attend throughout the year.


June is Championships time, where dancers from all over Australia and New Zealand gather in Sydney for the Australian Ceroc Dance Championships (ACDC).  Whether you’re keen to enter the competition or come along as a spectator, this is a definite diary date not to be missed.


The end of the year used to be the traditional time for our annual themed Ceroc Ball, a very glamorous night and the chance to watch or even participate in a spectacular display of student dance performances.  Post-Pandemic we’ve eased back into things with a smaller event in early 2024, and hope to continue the trend in March each year from here.


Keep your eye on our Facebook Page for photos of all our previous events and for announcements of what’s coming up next!


Eden Gardens Girls

Champs mix n match

Ball 2014