Member Rewards

 Member Rewards Program – Earn FREE Classes Throughout The Year!

Our new Member Reward Program takes effect from 11th March 2018 to coincide with the implementation of the new ‘myCeroc’ computerised system.  You no longer need to carry a card and collect stamps like on the old program – everything is now electronic and your points are accrued automatically each time you attend a class or a dance party.

Points are accrued no matter whether you’re paying that night or whether you’re using a class pass, and every time you accrue 20 points you will be rewarded with a FREE NIGHT to use at any of our regular classes (not valid for redemption at Events, Workshops or Dance Parties).

It’s your choice when to use your free night, so if you’ve got a class pass valid at the time you’re awarded with it you can just leave it in the system for a later date.  You’ve got 12 months to use it, plus, unlike our old system, your points will not be lost at the end of the calendar year so any points in your balance at 31st December will roll over into January.

Eventually you’ll have the opportunity to go online and view your points balance and your free classes – that’s Phase 2 of our implementation so we’ll keep you posted after the program starts in March.

PLUS, on top of all of that there’s prizes to be won for collecting points!  On the eve of the Christmas Dance Party at the end of each year, all points earned from 1st January of that year will be tallied and our most addicted and dedicated Top Ten people with the most points will be awarded at the Dance Party as follows.  Please note the Top Three winners MUST be present at the time of the announcement to claim their prize, otherwise the prize will go to the next in line.

  • Free Entry to the Christmas Dance Party for the Top Ten
  • 1st Prize: 12 Months of free classes and dance parties!
  • 2nd Prize: 13 Weeks (approx 3 months) of free classes and dance parties!
  • 3rd Prize: 4 Weeks (approx 1 month) of free classes and dance parties!
  • 4th to 10th place will be presented with a small gift
    Note: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place pass Prizes must be commenced by 31st January of the following year and are not valid at Events or Workshops.

Congratulations to our winners in recent years!

2018 1st - Garry Armstrong; 2nd – Edward Yi; 3rd - John Osborn 
2017 1st – Alex Peto; 2nd – Connie Wrightson; 3rd – Daniel Tomich

2016 1st – Les O’Reilly; 2nd – Dennis Kenny; 3rd – Vivienne Coomb

2015 1st – Connie Wrightson; 2nd – Les Sinfield; 3rd - Sandra Sebag
 1st – Les O’Reilly; 2nd – Carola Caruana; 3rd - Annemarie Nel
2013 1st – Dennis Kenny; 2nd – Sandra Sebag; 3rd – Rose De Rota
2012 1st – Les O’Reilly; 2nd – Tracey O’Reilly; 3rd – Sandra Sebag
2011 1st – Ray; 2nd – Angelia Cheng; 3rd – Dennis Kenny
2010 1st – Les O’Reilly, 2nd – Mingshan Sim and Sarah Thompson (tied), 3rd – Jeremy Thompson
2009 1st – Michael Selwyn, 2nd – Graeme O’Neal, 3rd – Dennis Kenny
2008 1st – Mingshan Sim, 2nd – John Osborn, 3rd – Corona Shen
2007 1st – Graeme O’Neal, 2nd – Mingshan Sim, 3rd – Greg Reid

Program Conditions

  • 1 point is accrued at all Classes and Dance Parties where an entry fee is paid (either on the night or when using a class pass), including Concession and Freestyle Only entries.
  • No points are accrued at Workshops or Events or on occasions where no entry fee is paid.
  • No points are accrued during the break to the Member Rewards Program (1st January – 11th March 2018).
  • Only one point can be accrued per day – attendance at multiple classes in one night for points collection is not permitted.
  • The Top Three winners will not accrue points whilst using their prize.
  • A free class will be awarded on accrual of 20 points and it must be redeemed within 12 months.  Expired free classes will not be extended.
  • Free classes earned on the program may not be redeemed at Dance Parties, Workshops or Events and are not transferable or exchangeable for cash or any other product/service.
  • Management reserves the right to withdraw or amend the program at any time.