Safety & Etiquette



See below for tips on etiquette and safety on the dance floor that will make a great experience for everyone!



When dancing, always be aware of the space around you:
  • Leaders always should be mindful of the space available for dips – a safe space can become unsafe very quickly, so leaders, make this YOUR responsibility, and followers don’t throw yourself back into a dip unless led.
  • Avoid travelling moves, big sweeping steps/arm movements, lifts and dips on crowded dancefloors. This applies to leaders AND followers.
  • Use the common ‘line of dance‘ during freestyle dancing, especially at busy venues. Usually this is the width of the stage (ie how you dance in the class) however this can sometimes vary from venue to venue. Dancing in a circular fashion is possible, but when executed without consideration to the line of dance can be dangerous on busy dance floors.
  • Ensure safe balanced spins to avoid spinning out of control into an unsafe space. Leaders ALWAYS be ready to catch your partner off a spin.
  • When entering and leaving the dancefloor, always move to the edge and walk safely along the side, rather than weaving through the crowd.
  • When dancing in a social environment outside of our events and classes, be mindful that other dancers may not appreciate you busting your fancy Ceroc moves on their dance floor. Ceroc looks impressive on the social floor even when subtle and stylish moves are used, so do yourself a favour and keep it small – you’ll leave the floor impressing people instead of offending them.


When dancing with new partners:
  • Followers don’t be afraid to let your leader know if you don’t like doing dips
  • Don’t try your ‘close’ moves out on strangers!
  • Remember that unless you are a teacher, having done more classes than the person you are dancing with does not qualify you to give them advice on their ability to dance.  We find that students giving advice to other students can often confuse, and sometimes offend.  We know your heart is in the right place and you want to help, but please give the less experienced students the opportunity to listen to the instruction from the teachers, and to find their feet gradually.  Unless someone is dancing dangerously and/or in a manner that is going to hurt them or you, it’s often best to let people learn by their mistakes – remember Ceroc should be a fun not a stressful experience!


Be aware of your personal approach, safety and hygiene:
  • In the current Covid climate, be respectful of other people’s situations and levels of comfort.  While Ceroc used to the be the place where people were encouraged never said no to a dance, in today’s world it is ok to say no – politely
  • Make use of the free hand sanitiser that is available at all our classes and events.  If you are dancing with multiple partners in the class and/or freestyle, please use the sanitiser between partner changes.
  • Especially in the summer months, always bring deodorant, a towel, and a change of top.  Also be aware that the physical contact required for some moves is not quite so pleasant when our bodies are hotter.
  • A toothbrush and mouthwash or breath mints can be a useful addition to your dance bag too! 
  • Be aware of hot clammy hands – sometime this can be due to nerves, but nonetheless can be controlled by frequent washing or perhaps just some talcum powder on the palms before class.
  • Coughing or sneezing into our hands and then offering those same hands to our partner is not cool – even before the pandemic!  Please excuse yourself from the dancefloor to wash your hands if you can’t hold back a cough or sneeze, and if you are suffering from a cold or cough, it is advisable to stay away from partner dancing until you’ve recovered.
  • Avoid wearing sharp and protruding rings that could cause cuts or bruises to your partner; and bracelets/watches and necklaces that could get tangled with you and/or your partner and could cause injury.
  • Wear suitable shoes (preferably suede soled dance shoes) that will support your foot, stay on, and provide the correct amount of grip and slide on the floor to keep you and your partner safe.
  • Always be aware of your partner’s personal space – even with a partner you know, close moves are not always appropriate.



If you feel uncomfortable dancing with someone at any of our classes or events for any reason, you should try and approach them with reasons why. If you’re not at ease doing this, or if you feel that the person may also make other people uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to talk to your teacher on the night or to contact us confidentially:


Email: [email protected]


Tel: 0418 426 401