Dance Parties





Due to the current unstable Covid situation we are unable to confirm dates for any of our usual regular Ceroc Dance Parties.

Further updates will be communicated on this page when we have more definite information.



Our Ceroc Dance Parties are a great way to meet new friends, put your freestyle dance skills into action, and be inspired by dancers from all over Sydney gathering to enjoy the friendly atmosphere at Ceroc.


Most of our Dance Parties kick off with a beginner class at the start of the night, so first timers are always welcome! Then it’s social dancing after the class until closing time.  


Our Dance Parties always have a very social atmosphere so are a great opportunity to meet up with new and old friends and perhaps even catch up for dinner in the venue restaurant/bistro before hitting the dance floor. And as it’s a Saturday night, it’s usually an opportunity to get a bit more dressy too.


Dance Party Pricing:


Casual Entry: $20 per person
We are currently not able to offer any discounts/concessions


Special Event Parties are priced according to the event.