Routine Courses


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Looking for a new challenge in your dancing? Learning a choreographed routine could be your next step!


Each year we offer a number of routine courses, always with an optional performance goal at the end of the course.


Even if you choose not to perform the routine, learning it is a great social experience that gives you the opportunity to get to know dancers from your neighbouring venues, and can be very rewarding for every level of dancer.


Other benefits of learning a routine are:


  • enhancing styling and learning performance techniquesHeaven
  • learning those finishing touches that make the advanced couples look great
  • aiding memory retention and increasing your repertoire of moves
  • increasing awareness of and appreciation for musical interpretation on the dance floor
  • appreciating and experiencing better techniques in your dancing
  • social interaction with other dancers learning the same routine
  • gaining confidence through performance that not only helps you in your dancing but in day to day life too!



So, if you’re keen to learn a routine, read on for what’s coming up from your choreography crew and start looking for a partner. And on that note, check out our Routine Survival Guide too – you’ll find it very informative and good advice for those who haven’t learnt a choreographed routine before!


Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company prides itself on its high quality routines with thanks to some of the most experienced and creative Modern Jive choreographers in the country:


Routines - Click to expand

  Routine Original choreography
1 Ecuador 1998 Nicky Haslam & Simon de Lisle
2 Man, I Feel Like A Woman 1999 Nicky Haslam & Steve Taylor-Jones
3 The Girls Routine 2000 Nicky Haslam
4 Tom Jones 2000 Maria Vranistas & Marty Bohm
5 Moulin Rouge – Can Can 2001 Nicky Haslam
6 Moulin Rouge – Diamonds 2001 Camille Formston, Emily Howard & Julie Gunn
7 Moulin Rouge – El Tango 2001 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
8 Moulin Rouge – Lady Marmalade 2001 Nicky Haslam & Julie Gunn
9 Moonlight 2001 Camille Formston & Simon Borland
10 Disco Inferno 2002 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
11 Hero 2002 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
12 Hollywood Medley 2002 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland; Emily Howard; Helena Georgopoulos & Jon Ham; Louie & Andrea Raish
13 Jetset Armani 2002 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
14 Titanic 2002 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
15 C’est Toi 2003 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
16 Chicago – Razzle Dazzle 2003 Camille Formston, Hamish Johnstone, Tova Ducker, Terry Furness
17 Chicago – Roxie 2003 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
18 Chicago – All That Jazz 2003 Camille Formston & Hamish Johnstone
19 Disco 2004 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
20 Kylie 2004 Camille Formston & Gary Capell
21 Michael Jackson 2004 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
22 Party On 2004 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
23 Principles of Lust 2004 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
24 1,2 Step 2005 Camille Formston & Brian Handisides
25 Ceroc ‘n’ Roll 2005 Nicky Haslam & Charles Gil
26 Love Potion 2005 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
27 Secret (West Coast Swing) 2005 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
28 Spooky Shoes 2005 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
29 The Way We Move 2005 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
30 You’re The Boss 2005 Tova Ducker & Terry Furness
31 Gentlemen 2006 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
32 Love Is 2006 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter; Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
33 Music 2006 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
34 Party (West Coast Swing) 2006 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
35 Everything Buble 2007 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
36 Fergalicious 2007 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
37 Grace Kelly 2007 Louise Capps & David Greenwood
38 Rock This Party 2007 Camille Formston & Dave Pinn
39 3 Minutes 2008 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
40 Don’t Stop 2008 Camille Formston & Louie Raish
41 Hooked 2008 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
42 Thriller (Funk) 2009 Camille Formston & Louie Raish
43 Hot n Cold 2009 Deanna Rolfe & Jon Ham
44 Cirque 2009 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
45 Freeze Forever 2009 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
46 Tik Tok 2010 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
47 You Got It 2010 Janet Bradburn & Gary Capell
48 Release Me 2010 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
49 Raise Your Glass 2011 Nicky Haslam & Ajay Ranipeta
50 Own This Club 2011 Kate Foster & Patryck Allen
51 Breathe 2011 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
52 Call Me Maybe 2012 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
53 Planets 2012 Kate Foster & Adrian Doczy
54 Hero – 2012 Style! 2012 Nicky Haslam & Robert Winter
55 Kiss 2013 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
56 Scream & Shout 2013 Charlotte Cowie & Patryck Allen
57 Feel This Moment 2013 Julie Gunn & Louie Raish
58 Blurred Lines 2014 Nicky Haslam & William Wu
59 Timber 2014 Julie Gunn & Adam Niland
60 Jersey Boys Medley 2014 Nicky Haslam & Nathan Walsh
61 Counting Stars 2014 Kate Foster & Patryck Allen
62 Lola – re-release in 2014! 2014 Tania & Bill Hannan, Susan & Colin Titmuss
63 Heaven 2014 Julie Gunn & Louie Raish
64 Uptown Funk 2015 Nicky Haslam & William Wu
65 Dear Future Husband 2015 Tania & Bill Hannan, Susan & Colin Titmuss
66 Spectrum Medley 2015 Adam Niland, Julie Gunn, Louie Raish, Roz Hicks, William Wu
67 Get Movin’ 2016 Nicky Haslam & Nathan Walsh
68 Christmas Medley 2016 Julie Gunn
69 Can’t Stop the Feeling 2016 Nicky Haslam & Gavin Rudd
70 Ritzy Cheek to Cheek 2016 Emma Thompson & Francis Burgess
71 Secret Love 2016 Julie Gunn & Louie Raish
72 Rhythm Tonight 2017 Nicky Haslam
73 Cake By The Ocean 2017 Julie Gunn
74 Bad Girls, Bad Boys 2017 Julie Gunn
75 Better When I’m Dancing 2017 Roz Hicks
76 Now and Forever 2017 Reasmey Tith & Nathan Walsh
77 Doo Wop 2018 Roz Hicks



See below for info on our upcoming routine courses.


For footage of some of our previous routines, visit our Ceroc Routine Performances page.

Upcoming Routines


All routine courses currently suspended due to Covid-19.

Routine Booking Conditions:
  • No refunds apply after 7 days before course commencement.
  • Any bookings/payments made after 5pm on the Friday prior to course commencement will attract a $10 per person late fee.
  • All dancers learning and performing routines give rights for Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company to publish footage of the performance(s) on our website and other appropriate media. Rights to publish such footage remain with Ceroc & Modern Jive Company only.
  • Should you or your partner have to miss a session due to unforeseen circumstances you will be expected to catch up via video or private lessons and a review of your performance will be conducted by your teachers before inclusion in performances.
  • For Champs Routines, Champs Crew couples will be selected based on their level of performance AND their commitment to all dates in the course including the two additional sessions.

Routine Survival Guide!


Whilst learning a routine is undoubtedly a fantastic experience, there can be some unexpected challenges that we’d like to tell you about!


  • Choose your level wisely, and if necessary ask the advice of the routine teachers. Decide firstly whether you’re up to the challenge of learning a choreographed routine where you need to remember and execute a sequence of moves that can last between 3 to 4 minutes. If that in itself is a challenge, or if you are not confident doing multiple spins, dips etc, don’t be afraid to sign up for a routine at a lower level than your current dance ability, and progress to a higher challenge next time. Doing a routine is as much about improving your dancing as it is about having fun. Doing a slightly easier routine can help to reinforce good dance technique in a way that a more challenging routine may not.
  • Ensure you have the time and dedication to put in at least one practise session with your partner between each scheduled rehearsal session. This is the key to performing the routine to your best. Also ensure that your partner has the same expectation and commitment.
  • Experience tells us that life partners unfortunately don’t always make good dance partners during routine courses! Yes, there are many cases that prove us very wrong, but there are far more that prove us right! Why not consider both signing up for the same routine but with different partners? That way you go through the learning challenges with someone else, but you both spend your rehearsal days in the same place, and who knows, maybe you might get to perform it together at a later time.
  • Having ulterior motives for asking someone to learn a routine with you is rarely a good idea. Choose a partner who matches you on the dance floor, not on the dating scene! Coffee, brunch or movies is far more appropriate for a first date than Week One of the next intermediate routine course! Amorous intentions during routine courses are often not appreciated, and not only do you lose your chance of a date with that person, but generally you end up not completing the routine either!
  • Understand that everyone has a different learning style. If you’ve signed up for a routine with a new partner, understand how they learn. Think about how you give them feedback – they may not respond well to frustration and loss of patience. If in doubt about to give feedback to your partner, ask your routine teacher.


And remember, routines aren’t for everyone. If you struggle to remember basic class sequences and prefer to just dance socially with no extra challenges, then maybe routines aren’t for you. But for the rest of us – they’re the highlight of our Ceroc year! Enjoy!