Routine Courses



Next Routine Course – January 2024:



The perfect song to express how we feel right now….


Never Gonna Not Dance Again by P!nk


A routine designed to include everyone and with a focus on fun, happiness and the pure thrill of being able to learn and perform routines again!!


One Routine.  One Song.  Two Levels.


Level 1:
Dancing Ceroc for less than 2 years and/or never participated in a choreographed Ceroc routine before.  Must have progressed beyond beginner classes.
You will dance the first and last sections of the routine (just under 2 minutes).


Level 2:
Dancing Ceroc for more than 2 years and/or with Ceroc routine experience, plus the ability to execute intermediate and advanced moves.
You will dance the middle and last sections of the routine (just under 2.5 minutes) with the option to also participate in the first section with Level 1 (total just under 3.5 minutes with that option).



Course Dates:
Six consecutive Sundays commencing 28th January 2024
For course location and specific times & pricing according to which level you are learning:







Routine Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy


1. Advance online booking is essential before the course commences and bookings will not be confirmed until payment is received.  


2. Minimum and maximum numbers apply.  If minimum numbers have not been reached by 5pm on the Thursday prior to the course commencing, the course will be cancelled by Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company and a full refund/credit will be provided.


3. No refund/credit/transfer is available for cancellation or no show at any time after 5pm on the Thursday prior to the course commencing, unless the cancellation is by Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company. If your plans change and you are no longer able to attend the course, you may transfer your registration for the entire course to another couple/person (and please provide us with their contact details prior to the course commencing).  Transfer for one off dates within the course is not permitted due to the flow of tuition from week to week.  No refund or credit is granted for missed sessions.


5. Routine choreography remains the property of the choreographers and course participants may not perform or teach the routine without their prior permission.  Any video footage of the routine remains the property Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company and may feature on public media including but not limited to our website, YouTube Channel and social media pages.



Why Learn A Routine?


Looking for a new challenge in your dancing? Learning a choreographed routine could be your next step!


Even if you choose not to perform the routine, learning it is a great social experience that gives you the opportunity to get to know a few more people, and can be very rewarding for every level of dancer.


Other benefits of learning a routine are:


  • enhancing styling and learning performance techniques
  • learning those finishing touches that make the advanced couples look great
  • aiding memory retention and increasing your repertoire of moves
  • increasing awareness of and appreciation for musical interpretation on the dance floor
  • appreciating and experiencing better techniques in your dancing
  • gaining confidence through performance that not only helps you in your dancing but in day to day life too!


So, if you’re keen to learn a routine, keep your eye out for what’s coming up from your choreography crew and start looking for a partner.


And on that note, check out our Routine Survival Guide too – you’ll find it very informative and good advice for those who haven’t learnt a routine before!


Previous Routines


Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company prides itself on its high quality routines with thanks to some of the most experienced and creative Modern Jive choreographers in the country.  Click here to view a list of their choreographed routines taught to students from 1998 to date.


See the top of this page for info on any current or upcoming routine courses.


For video footage of some of our previous routines, visit our Ceroc Routine Performances page.


Routine Survival Guide!


Whilst learning a routine is undoubtedly a fantastic experience, there can be some unexpected challenges that we’d like to tell you about!


  • Choose your level wisely, and if necessary ask the advice of the routine teachers.
    Decide firstly whether you’re up to the challenge of learning a choreographed routine where you need to remember a sequence of moves that can last between 3 to 4 minutes. If that in itself is a challenge, or if you’re not confident doing multiple spins, dips etc, don’t be afraid to sign up for a routine at a lower level than your current dance ability, and progress to a higher challenge next time. Doing a routine is as much about improving your dancing as it is about having fun and performing – learning a slightly easier routine can help to reinforce good dance technique in a way that a more challenging routine may not if you’re not yet ready for it.


  • Ensure you have the time and dedication to put in at least one practice with your partner between each scheduled routine tuition session.
    This is the key to performing the routine to your best.  You should also ensure that your partner has the same expectation and commitment.


  • Experience tells us that life partners unfortunately don’t always make good dance partners during routine courses!
    Yes, there are many cases that prove us wrong, but there are far more that prove us right! Why not consider both signing up for the same routine but with different partners? That way you go through the learning challenges with someone else, but you both spend your rehearsal days in the same place, and who knows, maybe you might get to perform it together at a later time?


  • Having ulterior motives for asking someone to learn a routine with you is rarely a good idea.
    Choose a partner who matches you on the dance floor, not on the dating scene! Coffee, brunch or movies is far more appropriate for a first date than Week One of the next Ceroc routine course! 


  • Understand that everyone has a different learning style.
    If you’ve signed up for a routine with a new partner, understand how they learn. Think about how you give them feedback – they may not respond well to frustration and loss of patience. If in doubt about to give feedback to your partner, ask your routine teacher.


And remember, routines aren’t for everyone. If you struggle to remember basic class sequences and prefer to just dance socially with no extra challenges, then maybe routines aren’t for you. But for the rest of us – they’re the highlight of our Ceroc year! Enjoy!