Sponsors, Judges & Results

NSW Ceroc Modern Jive & West Coast Swing Dance Championships

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th June 2018

The Grand Ballroom at Bankstown Sports Club
8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, Sydney

Event Sponsors

Many thanks to our generous sponsors!

Modern Jive Sponsors 2018:

Christchurch Modern Jive Championships with thanks to Matt and Deb Robinson from Fevah Modern Jive

Glamour Dance with thanks to Cecilia Castle

Jomon Architectural Hardware with thanks to Joe Monorchio

Gold Coast Champs with thanks to Jason Sullivan

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Pan Asia Ceroc Champs with thanks to Ceroc Asia

Pepes Ducks with thanks to Pepe Bonaccordo

West Coast Swing Sponsors 2018:

Asia West Coast Swing Open

Shakedown Swing with thanks to Caitlin and Darren Solomon from Code 03 Swing

Swingtimate with thanks to Allan Skinner from Raw Connection

Swing Escape with thanks to Adrian Doczy from danceVibe

Synergy with thanks to Adrian Doczy from danceVibe and Leanne Landels from WCSA

Westeroz Swing with thanks to James Patrick and Kim Burton from Magnetic Dance


Many thanks to our judges!

Modern Jive Judges 2018:

Head Judge:  Robert Winter (Sydney)
Allan Skinner (Brisbane), Amanda Truong (Sydney), Deb Robinson (Christchurch, NZ), Emma Keating (Gold Coast), Emma Priest (Melbourne), Helen Guscott (Melbourne), Jason Sullivan (Gold Coast), Jon Ham (Melbourne), Kate Foster (Sydney), Mick French (Brisbane), Nicky Haslam (Sydney), Nikita Brown (Auckland, NZ), Patryck Allen (Sydney)

West Coast Swing Judges 2018:

Head Judge:  Melina Ramirez-Stuart (Melbourne)
Allan Skinner (Brisbane), Anthony Truong (Sydney), Charles Gil (Sydney), Kate Foster (Sydney), Kylie Davey (Gold Coast), Leanne Landels (Sydney), Maddy Platts (Gold Coast), Michelle Fletcher (Sydney), Robert Winter (Sydney), Scott Stuart (Melbourne), Zac Skinner (Brisbane)

Competition Results 2018

Modern Jive Competition - Saturday

Mix n Match (student and teacher combination)
Student Followers

1st – Olivia Leal-Walker & Nathan Walsh
2nd – Tanya Diessel & Matthew Fairburn
3rd - Ren Pritchard & Anthony Truong

Mix n Match (student and teacher combination)
Student Leaders

1st – Kieran McGrath & Beata Khaidurova
2nd – Nicholas Law & Deb Robinson
3rd – Alysander Stanley & Kaarin Goode

Beginner Dance With A Stranger

1st - Edmund Lim & Olivia Leal-Walker
2nd – Raff Allen & Nikki Roberts
3rd – Sam Gibbons & Katia Artinian

Beginner Freestyle

1st – Sam Gibbons & Olivia Leal-Walker
2nd - Edmund Lim & Bob Hood
3rd - Scott Reynolds & Lulu Wang

Intermediate <2 years Dance With A Stranger

1st – Alysander Stanley & Melissa Anthonisz
2nd - Jai O’Keefe & Ren Pritchard
3rd - Nicholas Law & Yulan Ye

Intermediate <2 years Freestyle

1st - Kieran McGrath & Ren Pritchard
2nd – Alysander Stanley & Lucy Mayne
3rd - Shaun Connor & Melissa Anthonisz

Intermediate Plus Dance With A Stranger

1st – Corin Sadlier & Tamara O’Dowd
2nd – Mitch Silberman & Amy Sam
3rd – Luke Domanksi & Tania Lloyd

Intermediate Plus Freestyle

1st – Sean Frazer & Jules Morgan
2nd – Reza Modarres & Tanya Diessel
3rd – Charles Falzon & Caroline Teague

Intermediate Plus Over 40s Freestyle

1st – Brad Woods & Ingrid van der Aa
2nd – Warren McHattan & Sharon Cunningham
3rd – Graham Millar & Yulan Ye

Advanced Dance With A Stranger

1st – Rhys Fallavollita & Alana Johnston
2nd – Eamon French & Chelsea Leith
3rd – Evan Lister & Lidia Lucic

Advanced Freestyle

1st – Eamon French & Amy Sam
2nd – Rhys Fallavollita & Sandy He
3rd – Grant Walker & Lilian Chia

Champions Dance With A Stranger

1st – Shaun Diaz & Amanda Truong
2nd – Zac Skinner & Charlie Cowie
3rd – Anthony Truong & Beata Khaidurova

Champions Freestyle

1st – Nathan Walsh & Reasmey Tith
2nd – Moses Mkusa & Kaarin Goode
3rd – Matthew Fairburn & Kylie Davey


1st – Nathan Walsh, Reasmey Tith, Rose De Rota
2nd – Moses Mkusa, Kaarin Goode & Hadas Balbin
3rd – Gabriel Bizcarra, Lidia Lucic & Olivia Leal-Walker


1st - David Mun & Catherine Azzopardi (Melbourne)
2nd – Nathan Walsh & Reasmey Tith (Sydney)
3rd - Moses Mkusa & Kaarin Goode (Melbourne)


1st – Modern Jive Melbourne   Choreography:  Helen Guscott
2nd – Coasties – Trndstr  Choreography:  Emma Keating & Zac Skinner
3rd – CMJ Sydney  Choreography:  Roz Hicks

West Coast Swing Competition – Sunday

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Student Followers

1st – Nikita Brown & Matthew Fairburn
2nd – Lilian Chia & JP Masson
3rd – Roz Hicks & Nathan Walsh
4th – Tanya Diessel & Zac Skinner
5th – Krystal Murphy & Anthony Truong

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Student Leaders

1st – Rhys Fallavollita & Emma Collyer
2nd – Antony Hamer & Deanna Rolfe
3rd – Ross Craigie & Emma Keating
4th – Alan Smith & Kylie Davey
5th – Allan Pieroz & Elysia Somerfield

Novice Jack n Jill
Tier 2 WSDC Points for leaders, Tier 3 for followers

1st – Antony Hamer & Krystal Murphy
2nd – Isak Pettersson & Alana Johnston
3rd – Robert Little & Nikki Jorritsma
4th – Alan Smith & Lilian Chia
5th – Rhys Fallavollita & Nikola Burke

Intermediate Jack n Jill
Tier 2 WSDC Points for leaders and followers

1st – Grant Walker & Kimberley Burton
2nd – James Patrick & Reasmey Tith
3rd – Kiet Nguyen & Deanna Rolfe
4th – Andy Fernandes & Monique Lill
5th – Taylor King & Nicole Mansour

Advanced/All Star Jack n Jill
Tier 2 Advanced WSDC Points for leaders (to 5th place), Tier 1 for followers (to 3rd place)

1st –  William Wu & Maddy Platts
2nd – Zac Skinner & Elysia Somerfield
3rd – JP Masson & Emma Collyer
4th – Anthony Truong & Kate Foster
5th – Charles Gil & Kylie Davey

Novice Strictly Swing

1st – Rhys Fallavollita & Roz Hicks
2nd – Antony Hamer & Krystal Murphy
3rd – Ross Craig & Nikita Brown
4th – Allan Pieroz & Freya Wilson
5th – Brent Harding & Tanya Diessel

Intermediate Strictly Swing

1st – Grant Walker & Reasmey Tith
2nd – Charles Pizzato & Fiona Raphael
3rd – Kiet Nguyen & Kimberley Burton
4th – Taylor King & Monique Lill
5th – Andy Fernandes & Lidia Lucic

Advanced/All Star Strictly Swing

1st –Mackenzie Sharp & Kate Foster
2nd – William Wu & Maddy Platts
3rd – Zac Skinner & Amanda Truong
4th – Edward Truong & Emma Collyer
5th – Lachlan McInnes & Elysia Somerfield

Classic Routine – People’s Choice

Zac Skinner & Maddy Platts