Sponsors, Judges & Results


The Australian Ceroc Dance Championships
Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June 2023

The Grand Ballroom at Bankstown Sports Club
8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, Sydney

PLEASE NOTE ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS AS ADVERTISED FOR THE 2020, 2021 and 2022 EVENTS WHICH WERE CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19.  Reconfirmation on pricing and rules will be released in 2023.

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Jomon Architectural Hardware with thanks to Joe Monorchio

Pepes Ducks with thanks to Pepe Bonaccordo

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Christchurch Modern Jive Championships


Gold Coast Champs

Pan Asia Ceroc Champs

Queensland Modern Jive Championships

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Victorian Modern Jive Championships

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Glamour Dance

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We take pride in our selection process for our judging panel and are in the process of confirming our judges for 2023.  Below is a list of the 2019 judges:

Head Judge:  Robert Winter (Sydney)
Allan Skinner (Brisbane), Amanda Truong (Sydney), Deb Cantoni (Melbourne), Deb Robinson (Christchurch, NZ), Emma Keating (Gold Coast), Emma Priest (Melbourne), Helen Guscott (Melbourne), Jason Sullivan (Gold Coast), Jon Ham (Melbourne), Kate Foster (Sydney), Mick French (Brisbane), Nicky Haslam (Sydney), Patryck Allen (Sydney), Shaun Diaz (Sydney/Melbourne)

Competition Results 2019 – Reigning Champions from pre-pandemic times!

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Student Followers

1st – Olivia Leal-Walker & Anthony Truong
2nd – Hani Zarrin & Zac Skinner
3rd – Evie Pettigrew & Eamon French

Pro Am (student and teacher combination)
Student Leaders

1st – Quentin Lovett & Emma Keating
2nd – Greg Mennie & Nicky Haslam
3rd – Mefi Fifita & Lilian Chia

Beginner Dance With A Stranger

1st – Mefi Fifita & Christine Inglis
2nd – Quentin Lovett & Melena Shores
3rd – Jay Pollard & Rhiagh Cleary

Beginner Freestyle

1st – Quentin Lovett & Christine Inglis
2nd – Mefi Fifita & Tanya Vitellaro
3rd – Greg Mennie & Rhiagh Cleary

Intermediate <2 years Dance With A Stranger

1st – Marco Lee Solano & Olivia Leal-Walker
2nd – Martin Wellby & Evie Pettigrew
3rd – Scott Reynolds & Alessandra Kerr

Intermediate <2 years Freestyle

1st – Marco Lee Solano & Katina Selvaraj
2nd – Martin Wellby & Hani Zarrin
3rd – Scott Reynolds & Melena Shores

Intermediate Plus Dance With A Stranger

1st – Alysander Stanley & Tania Diessel
2nd – Philip Naniov & Lea Gambonnet
3rd – Alex Gray & Elvira Kozhevnikova

Intermediate Plus Freestyle

1st – Dave Elliston & Lisa Brain
2nd – Gabriel Bizcarra & Olivia Leal-Walker
3rd – Reza Modarres & Tanya Diessel

Intermediate Plus Over 40s Freestyle

1st – Dave Elliston & Debra Bierling
2nd – Gabriel Bizcarra & Yulan Ye
3rd – Brad Woods & Ingrid van der Aa

Advanced Dance With A Stranger

1st – Eamon French & Lilian Chia
2nd – Mark Pri & Chelsea Leith
3rd – Jayden Walsh & Ren Pritchard

Advanced Freestyle

1st – Eamon French & Amy Sam
2nd – Nathan Sawley & Chelsea Leith
3rd – Evan Lister & Lidia Lucic

Champions Dance With A Stranger

1st – Zac Skinner & Kylie Davey
2nd – Grant Walker & Amanda Truong
3rd – Matthew Fairburn & Roz Hicks

Champions Freestyle

1st – Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
2nd – Matthew Fairburn & Kylie Davey
3rd – Nathan Walsh & Reasmey Tith


1st – Nathan Walsh, Reasmey Tith & Rose De Rota
2nd – Grant Walker, Lilian Chia & Roz Hicks
3rd – Gabriel Bizcarra, Lidia Lucic & Olivia Leal-Walker


1st – Domenic Sergi & Roz Hicks (Sydney)
2nd – Nathan Sawley & Chelsea Leith (Adelaide)
3rd – Brent Harding & Tanya Diessel (Gold Coast)


1st – Ceroc Sydney   Choreography:  Reasmey Tith & Nathan Walsh
2nd – Coasties  Choreography:  Emma Keating & Matt Fairburn
3rd – Ceroc Adelaide  Choreography:  Chelsea Leith & Nathan Sawley